17 Sep Cost to Build a Custom Home in Simcoe County

In Custom Home Builders by Alair Homes

Home to seven Provincial Parks, Simcoe County is practically a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. More than just a hotbed for Winter recreation, this area has… Read More

15 Apr Creating the Perfect Guest Suite

In Custom Home Builders by Alair Homes

Providing the budget and space for a guest suite during a home remodel is a practical move if you have frequent overnight guests. You might… Read More

09 Mar Luxury Features for a Masterpiece Home

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Luxury isn’t reserved for the wealthy. When you’re creating a custom built home, you can choose where to splash out and where to count every… Read More

Building a Home to Entertain In

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Are you a Springwater local who dreams of having a multi-functional and customized entertaining space to dazzle guests? If you decide to purchase a custom… Read More

10 Feb Custom Home vs. Production Home: What’s the Difference?

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Deciding to build a new home in beautiful Springwater is easy to do, but deciding how to build that home requires close examination of the… Read More

30 Dec Questions to Ask When Selecting the Floor Plan for Your Springwater Home

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With the different floor plans available, it’s hard to choose the best among them. However, you’ll find it easy if you know what you want… Read More

Finding the Perfect Piece of Land for Your Springwater Custom Home

In Custom Home Builders by Alair Homes

With lots on the Hemlock Lake-front and the many streams feeding it, Springwater offers a wealth of natural habitat. Your choice of land for your… Read More

30 Nov Six Apps to Use When Building Your Springwater Home

Springwater is the picture-perfect place to build your custom home, and you may be eager to enjoy making great memories in your new home soon…. Read More

31 Oct Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space in Fall

A home renovation that focuses on outdoor living will add a new dimension to the livability of your home. Bringing the outside in is a… Read More

Entryways and Staircases in Your Custom Home

Adding Custom to Your Custom Built Home How can you make your custom built home unique? It’s all about adding the quintessential “wow factor.” The… Read More

31 Aug Custom Kitchens and Color Overhauls

Overhaul Your Custom Kitchen With the Joys of Colour The kitchen is without a doubt one of the most frequented parts of any home. People… Read More

31 Jul How to Hire a Custom Home Contractor

In Custom Home Builders by Alair Homes

Though there are many custom contractors you can pick for your home construction project. It is essential to do your due diligence before hiring one…. Read More

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