Adding Custom to Your Custom Built Home

How can you make your custom built home unique? It’s all about adding the quintessential “wow factor.” The positioning or custom design of a staircase or entryway can entirely change your home’s dynamic. There are many options available for the minimalist with a flair for the dramatic and the extravagant who enjoy the beauty in simple lines. What works for you?

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Memorable Entryways

Below are a few quick entryway focal points that can really make your home a standout in custom living:

Select the ideal entry doors.

Let your entryway make a great first impression. Hardwood double doors that swing into cozy or spacious foyers can help any space feel grand. If you prefer simple, clean lines, dark woods can make an impact with little decoration. For those who appreciate intricacies in craftsmanship, a uniquely carved door can set off any grand entrance.

Choose the console table setting that exhibits your tastes.

Set the mood or share your personal decor taste with others the second visitors step into your home. Whether you delight in rustic farmhouse charm or the elegant lines found in contemporary stylings, a console table positioned by the entryway can add an idyllic backdrop for your decorative compositions.

Pick a flooring that salutes your style choices.

After walking into the foyer, curious eyes may immediately be drawn to the size of the room. If you have a smaller home, hardwoods or tile flooring can give the illusion of space, elongating sightlines. For a larger custom built home, elegant flooring can complete the impression of elegance throughout.

Essentials for a Staircase Statement

How can you set up an awe-worthy moment in your custom built home? People are especially drawn to feature walls and functional but beautiful architectural structures. Here is a quick suggestion list to help your staircase become a reflection of you:

Decide your style.

Do you prefer little ornamentation? If you do, a classic staircase with quality materials can make the simple seem extravagant. Do you like bold statements in fashion and focal points? A staircase with balusters that boast hand-carved wooden design or elaborate metal welding sculpture can become one elegant centerpiece.

Choose the staircase placement.

If you enjoy symmetry in your spaces, a grand centered staircase can give you the peace of mind you need. Large square footage homes can more easily accommodate centered staircase designs. If you want to utilize smaller spaces and create a kind of open concept, positioning your staircase to the side may fit your living area needs more efficiently.

Select curved or straight formed handrails.

Are you a traditionalist in terms of style? A curved handrail imitates the grand staircases found in stately homes all across our history. Do you like the Avante-guard stylings found in sharp edges and lines? A straight edged handrail highlights everything modern and understated.

Watch as your functional staircase or entryway space creates a wow moment in your custom built home that you’ll never grow tired of! For more great ideas, contact Alair Homes. We are here to help.