Springwater is the picture-perfect place to build your custom home, and you may be eager to enjoy making great memories in your new home soon. Everything from the design and layout of the custom built home to its interior décor and more will impact how enjoyable this space is for you and your family. Entrusting Alair Homes with your custom home building project is a great step to take because we are devoted to bringing your dream to life. You can also download a few of these apps to further assist you with your custom built home project.

Sun Seeker

Natural sunlight is an important element that impacts your experience in your new home. You may want your new bedroom’s window to be located away from bright morning sunshine, but you may prefer to take full advantage of morning sunlight on your back patio. Through this app, you can position your home’s layout in the most advantageous way. You can also use the app to make intelligent landscaping decisions, to select color schemes and more.


If you need professional interior design assistance for your custom built home, downloading the Havenly app is an excellent idea. To use the app, upload a few images of the rooms that you need assistance with. Professional designers can work with you directly to help you with important design decisions while also staying within your budget. Use this app for minor decorating decisions or for substantial design assistance throughout your home.

Adobe Color Capture

You understandably want the colour palette in your new home to be appealing to you, but you also need the colours to be harmonious with each other. Through this app, you can capture various hues that you love as you go about your normal daily activities. The app compiles the colours that you are most commonly drawn to and makes a customized recommendation for your new home’s colour scheme.


Houzz is an app that you can use for the design stage of the custom home building process as well as for the decorating stage. It puts millions of home decorating images at your fingertips. Save the images that are appealing to you. Then, share your preferences with the team at Alair Homes. You can also make notes in the app so that you can make smart decorating decisions after construction is complete.

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Photo Measures

Selecting furniture and accessories that are the right size for your rooms’ dimensions is challenging, but the Photo Measures app takes the stress out of this process. After uploading an image of your room to the app, you will know the room’s precise dimensions. You can also incorporate dimensions of furniture into the app to ensure that your pieces will fit.


Another interior design app that may be useful is roOomy, which creates 3D graphic renderings of your home’s rooms based on images that you save to the app. Use this app while you are shopping for new furniture and accessories. By doing so, you can see exactly how the new pieces may look in your rooms before you make a buying decision.

Custom home building is filled with challenges, but there are many resources available to take the stress out of your decision-making processes. Download each of these apps today, and use them to compliment your Alair Homes experience. Remember, we’re always here to guide and support you, so reach out if you have questions or need additional help.