Though there are many custom contractors you can pick for your home construction project. It is essential to do your due diligence before hiring one. Cost should not be the only factor of consideration. The reputation of the contractor, quality of workmanship and commitment to your satisfaction are all important too.

Have a Detailed Plan

Having a plan helps you to better understand what you are looking for and accurately communicate with any contractor you are considering. You can start by working with an architect or a professional designer. Gathering images of various rooms, design styles and upgrades you would like in your home is another good strategy. Share these with your contractors when requesting information about cost and timeline.


Once you have an idea about the floorplan for your new home, it’s time to consider your budget. While these two steps could be reversed, it’s sometimes easier to decide on your budget after you have a general idea about the features, space and style of your custom built home. Sit down with a financial professional to discuss your credit, any assets you plan to use to help pay for the home and financing options available to you. With this information in hand, it will be easier to look at estimates from general contractors and understand if their proposals are financially realistic for your family.

Making Contact and Scheduling Interviews with General Contractors

Now is a good time to start making contact with custom home builders. If you are confused about where to start, ask family, friends and industry professionals for suggestions about who to call. The Internet is another good source for information. Here, you can browse contractor websites, view galleries of custom homes they have built and find information about their experience, policies and warranty.

Call several contractors, and ask a lot of questions. Request references from past clients, and make contact with them too. It is important to understand not only the pricing structure offered by each contractor but how they do business and what their reputation is like.


One important question that many people forget to ask is about insurance. This is something that any reputable professional will have. Make sure anyone you are considering working with does. While professionals do all they can to avoid accidents and mishaps on the jobsite, it’s never guaranteed they’ll never happen. Insurance coverage protects you and your family.

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Interview The Contractors

After narrowing your list to two or three contractors and before hiring one, schedule in-person interviews. This is your opportunity to get face-to-face answers to question. It also provides you with time to sit down with the professionals and makes sure you get along with them. The person who manages your home building process is someone you will work closely with for several months. Make sure you have a good rapport with them before signing the final contract.

Choosing the right custom home builder takes time, but your efforts will certainly pay off with a process that runs smoothly and results in a home you love. Take time to research your options. Ask a lot of questions, and make it a priority to sit down with your top picks before making a final decision. If you are ready to build the home of your dreams, Alair Homes Springwater welcomes the opportunity to earn your business. Contact us with any questions and to schedule your complimentary, no obligation consultation.