Overhaul Your Custom Kitchen With the Joys of Colour

The kitchen is without a doubt one of the most frequented parts of any home. People set aside a lot of time each day to cook and prepare meals in general. It isn’t unusual for people to finish homework, have long conversations or spend time with family in the kitchen too. These things all help build a solid case for strong kitchen design. If you want to create a custom home kitchen that will make others green with envy, the adding colour is where it’s at. Alair Homes Springwater offers these simple tips to make livening up your custom kitchen easier.

Test Your Green Thumb

The presence of a tiny herb garden in your kitchen can make it look more enticing. It can even make it smell amazing thanks to the signature aromas herbs give off. Green is a calming and pleasant colour that’s commonly seen in nature. Why not make it a part of your kitchen design scheme? You don’t necessarily have to devote a lot of real estate to your kitchen garden, either. The assistance of containers that you can attach directly to walls can go a long way.

Wow Everyone With Mesmerizing Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiling is an interior design craze that’s swiftly gaining traction in some of the coolest and most enduring custom kitchens out there. Carpet tiles can make your kitchen floor look fresh, chic and contemporary. They can also pamper your exhausted feet as you travel from one spot to the next. Standing around and cooking for extended stretches of time can get tiring pretty quickly, after all.

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Install a Sink in a Special Color

People sometimes neglect to think much about their sinks during the kitchen design process. If you want to establish a custom kitchen that’s nothing like the rest, however, it can be a superb idea to install a sink in a colour that’s decidedly out of the ordinary. Don’t limit your sink colour choices to white or silver. Think outside of the box and go for interesting options such as saffron yellow, almond, navy blue and lavender.

Focus on an Impactful Window Treatment

Windows bring stunning natural lighting into kitchens. They can also make powerful design statements in and of themselves. If you want to give your food preparation area the gift of colour, then a window treatment may work. Think about shades in colours like turquoise, mint green and orange. Opt for shade colours that may work in conjunction with other design elements that you already have, too. A light yellow shade may flatter a sink in a similar tone.

Go for Open Shelves for Decorative Applications and More

Open shelves can come in handy for kitchen designers who want to eliminate clutter that can make a space look messy and chaotic. They also offer the perfect spot to show off some of our favorite items. It doesn’t matter if you want to use open shelving to safeguard tiny figurines, small potted plants, beautiful blue glassware or a favorite set of China. Open shelves give people the ability to draw attention to colours that contribute to cohesive, harmonious and enticing design schemes.

Designing your custom kitchen is all about making it your own, and colour helps you to do just that. Try a few of these simple steps to bring more colour into your space. Want more great ideas? Alair Homes Springwater is here to help. Contact us to discuss your next project.