28 Feb Alair Saskatoon – In The Community

In Local by nicole

We recently sat down with Alair Saskatoon Partner, Rhett McLean, who has a rich background in professional sports. Rhett spends a lot of volunteer hours… Read More

22 May Secret Mood Boosters for Your Home

Home improvements are a sure fire way of making your living space feel more comfortable and even improve your mood. No need to turn your… Read More

22 Mar Purchasing an Acreage Lot

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Realizing the dream of living on an acreage and building a custom home is a goal many of our clients share.  Most look to build… Read More

09 Mar Luxury Features for a Masterpiece Home

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

When you’re planning a custom built home, it’s good to seek out a broad range of ideas and designs that might help you make your… Read More

10 Feb Home Design Trends You’ll See More of in 2019

In Interior Design Ideas by Alair Homes

The year 2018 spoiled us with a variety of exceptional home design trends that left us craving for more. Home remodeling became easy, but tricky… Read More

05 Feb Football and Construction –  It Starts With The Right Plan

With the Super Bowl just wrapping up, I thought it would be fitting to talk some football….and construction.  I have drawn on my past experience… Read More

30 Dec Finding the Perfect Piece of Land for Your Saskatoon Custom Home

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Be it buying an already constructed house, or purchasing land for building purposes, there is really no right or wrong approach when it comes to… Read More

30 Nov Holiday Events in Saskatoon

In Local by Alair Homes

As the province’s largest city, you can look forward to a holiday season packed with shows and events to help you celebrate. Live music, elaborate… Read More

31 Oct Prepping Your Home for Cooler Weather

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Taking the time to make home improvements that cut your heating bills and ensure your comfort is time well spent. When you prepare your home… Read More

30 Sep Home Renovation on a Budget

Virtually everyone who undertakes a remodeling project has to live within a home renovation budget. Without considering the financial implications of your choices, it’s natural… Read More

31 Aug 7 Things to Consider for Your Master Bathroom

Many homeowners throughout Saskatoon and the surrounding areas are adding value to their homes and making their lives more convenient through master bath renovations. The… Read More

31 Jul How to Hire a Saskatoon Custom Home Contractor

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Hiring a professional contractor for your home renovation or custom built home should never be a decision based on price alone. Experience, what’s included in… Read More

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