Realizing the dream of living on an acreage and building a custom home is a goal many of our clients share.  Most look to build on acreage to give them more space and privacy from neighbors.

The areas around Saskatoon have some great acreage developments.  Applewood Estates and Sarilia Estates are just two of the developments that surround Saskatoon.  These developments offer something for everyone.  Proximity to the city and the services it provides are always at the top of the list when speaking to prospective clients.  Privacy is another.  With lot sizes shrinking in the new neighborhoods of Saskatoon, clients are left wanting more space between them and their neighbors.  That privacy is something that drives families to the country and to purchase an acreage lot.

With more and more opportunities arising to build outside the city limits in a more rural setting, there are some additional items one must consider when building on an acreage.


Most areas around Saskatoon are serviced for natural gas through Sask Energy.  If the gas source is not close to the lot, it can become very expensive to get it connected.  Servicing is similar to power, as those services will be run to the edge of the lot.  The owner is responsible for trenching from the main line to the home.  Costs will vary depending on the location of the main line and the location of the home.

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A good source of water is one of the most important aspects of every acreage build.  Some acreage developments have the option to be hooked up to the city water supply.  Most homeowners will take this option if it is present.  If there is not the opportunity to hook up to a city water supply, the homeowner must consider digging a well.  How deep the water is in the ground, the quality of the water, an R.O system or a water softener will all add cost to the build and must be considered when planning your project.


There are many factors that can influence a homeowners’ choice when considering a septic system on an acreage.  Proximity to waterways, the location of neighbors, size of your home, size of your acreage, and government regulation are all factors that must be considered.  A septic tank or a mound system are two options to consider at varying costs.


Depending on the acreage you have chosen; the power will be run to the edge of the lot.  The owner is responsible for getting that power source to the home.  The cost of that trenching can vary depending on the source of the power and the location of the home.

Zoning and Bylaws

Each municipality has its own rules in regard to what the homeowner has the ability to do with that particular piece of land.  In turn, the acreage developer may have their own set of rules that provide guidelines for such things as setbacks from property lines, the size of a shop or separate garage, the use of heavy equipment coming and going from the property, and how many, if any animals are allowed on the property.  The acreage developer will also have a set of architectural guidelines that may outline the exterior color of the home, the material used on the exterior of the home, the color of shingles, the style of house that can be built, minimum and maximum square footage allowed the lot, and the roofline.  All must be taken into consideration and thoroughly followed when planning the construction of the home.


Most developments do not have an approach or driveway. An approach is an access to your lot from the road. It is built across the ditch and has a culvert built into the bottom as to not restrict the flow of water through the ditch.  The length of the driveway along with enough base gravel to keep you out of the mud when it rains are both factors that should be considered.  Blacktop is an option that is considered for the driveway of many acreages.  Bush clearing and excavation for the spot the owner chooses to build their home are items that can affect the price of the excavation bill.

Building your home on acreage is a dream that many people have. Moving outside the city for additional space and privacy is something that many families want. There are some additional items that must be considered when planning to build your home on an acreage.

At Alair, we place great emphasis on the planning process prior to construction. On large projects that have additional items involved, like an acreage build, the planning process is the most important part of the entire project. If watching the sunset on your deck is important to you, then make sure the house is configured so that can be accomplished. Building in an elevated area where the spring run-off will not present a problem is another factor to consider. Finding out what is most important to the homeowner will not only create a beautiful home, it will be something they will be proud to show their family and friends.

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