With the Super Bowl just wrapping up, I thought it would be fitting to talk some football….and construction.  I have drawn on my past experience in professional football and tried to apply what I learned on the gridiron to the job site of a custom home or renovation.  Patience, teamwork, planning, focus, motivation, and leadership are all tools that can be applied to the football field and the construction site.

It Starts with a Vision

Every football season starts with a vision…. which should always be to win a championship.  A plan is put in place to achieve that vision.  A construction project is no different.  The start of the season is the initial meeting with a client.  The client has an idea of what they want, and the builder lays out a plan as to how they will get there.

That is where the similarities between one football team and another or one builder and another can often end.  Some plans are efficient, collaborative and successfully.  In football, the outcome of a plan like this one would result in a championship.  In construction, the result would be a customer who is happy with the final projects and would recommend you to their friends and family.  Other projects have plans put in place that are disorganized, uneconomical, and sloppy.  These projects (or seasons) will have disastrous results.

Planning for Success

The correlation between football and construction is very similar from a planning perspective. Organizational efficiency, preparation, and implementation apply to both.  In football, the organization of the team affects efficiency on and off the field. The more efficient you can be with your time on the field, the less confusion your team will experience and the higher quality your work will be.

The same can be said about a construction site. Being organized directly relates to the bottom line of the business. Being efficient on a construction site means having a game plan in place. The client has a clear idea of the Alair Client Control process and how it applies to their particular project. It means sub trades are on site with a clear scope of work for the project. They know what is expected of them and how to reach the project manager if there are questions or concerns. Implementation means you will follow the steps laid out with a goal of realizing the project that the client envisioned.

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Successful Leadership Equals Successful Teams

It is no secret that the best-run football teams have the most success. Take a look at the New England Patriots or the Calgary Stampeders. It is known that those two organizations are the best run in their respective leagues. From the top down, there is a plan in place to be successful. That common goal and a thorough understanding of the steps necessary to reach that goal increase their odds of competing for a championship every year. You do not have to like their colors or the city they play in, but you cannot argue with results.

Alair Homes Approach

At Alair Homes, the plan is clearly in place. From the project planning phase, to a clearly laid out scopes of work, to selections being made and sub-trade agreements being signed before construction begins, the plan is in place for any project.  Implementing the plan to achieve the vision of the client is much easier if there are steps or a game plan to follow.

My football career taught me that a well thought out plan will help prepare you for anything.  I apply that to Alair Homes with every project we take on.  We plan for the project and the possible challenges and pain points that might pop up along the way.  We find ways to deal with those problems and even mitigate them, so small problems do not become large ones. Living better starts with the correct game plan, and that’s what we offer at Alair Homes.