22 May Secret Mood Boosters for Your Custom Home

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

It is incredible how home improvements can be a catalyst for positive thoughts and good mood. A home is a place where you feel relieved… Read More

20 May Creating the Perfect Guest Suite

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

You probably know someone who has converted their basement into a guest suite. This comes as no surprise as we all tend to go out… Read More

09 Mar Luxury Features for a Masterpiece Home

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Owning a masterpiece home does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. The secret here is choosing luxury features that produce optimal comfort at… Read More

Building a Home to Entertain In

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Most people today prefer state of the art kitchens, open concept homes, and chic outdoor living spaces. The love for entertainment has played a major… Read More

04 Feb How Much Will My Scarborough Custom Home Cost?

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Are you considering a custom home in Scarborough or somewhere nearby? Then, you probably have a lot of questions, and chief among them likely concerns how much… Read More

30 Dec Questions to Ask When Selecting the Floor Plan for Your Scarborough Custom Home

You visited a friend and admired their new custom built home, and probably thought they paid tons of money for it. How did they end… Read More

Finding the Perfect Piece of Land for Your Scarborough Custom Home

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Truth be told, there are times when purchasing an existing home isn’t a good fit. Probably you just do not like moving to an older… Read More

30 Nov Six Apps to Use When Building Your Scarborough Home

Deciding to settle down and build a custom home in Scarborough is easy to do. After all, this Toronto suburb is close to everything that… Read More

31 Oct Renovate or Build a New Custom Home – Which is Better?

The time has come for you to upgrade your living situation, but now you have to decide whether you want to undertake a major renovation… Read More

Entryways and Staircases in Your Custom Home

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

One of the opportunities a two-story custom built home offers you is the chance to create a dynamic relationship between the stairway and the front… Read More

30 Sep What a Scarborough Custom Home Builder Offers

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Your home is your haven and a place to unwind and recalibrate. If you are having a home constructed, there is no better way to… Read More

31 Jul How To Hire A Custom Home Contractor

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

When you are building a custom home, it’s important to have the right professionals helping you through this process. Finding a custom home contractor is… Read More

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