Are you considering a custom home in Scarborough or somewhere nearby? Then, you probably have a lot of questions, and chief among them likely concerns how much this is going to cost. You’ve no doubt already determined that there is no easy answer. Pricing a custom built home is a complex topic, and it varies greatly not just by the area you’ve chosen but the size and condition of your lot, materials used in construction and finishing details as well.

More Than Just Square Footage

When you search custom home and other real estate topics online, you probably come across the concept of square footage quite often. But pricing based on square footage is really only appropriate if you’re comparing apples to apples – this simply isn’t the case in custom home building since the purpose is to make every home unique. Changes as small as fixtures can have a dramatic effect on price across a project. Chances are you don’t want a cookie-cutter home but rather want a custom home builder who designs and builds based on your dreams.

How a Custom Home Builder Will Approach It

Builders that are established and successful with custom home design and construction will take the time to establish a plan that is clear and specific. This begins with talking to the clients, exploring all of their options, actually listening to them and then helping them formalise a plan based on all of that. When designing your custom built home, you should expect questions such as:

Which style of home do you want?

If you’ve chosen a lot, what’s the condition like?

Do you want a garage, a basement and/or an attic?

Have you thought about fixtures, lighting, flooring and so forth?

Your Idea of Perfection

Your custom built home needs to be perfect for you. It needs to fit your dream as well as your practical requirements today and into the future. It can help to look at similar homes that the builder has designed and constructed in the past. What do you like about them? What do you dislike? This is the point where you can actually get a good idea of what the project is going to cost you in the end.

Custom Home Kitchen Design Ideas

Your Are in Control of the Costs

Building a home is a substantial financial investment. As a top builder, Alair Homes Scarborough has software solutions in place that track the project step-by-step. Communication is also paramount. You are in control here, and it is your right to make those difficult choices that will undoubtedly crop up along the way. When the home is finished, you should be satisfied with every aspect of it, including how you got there.