The time has come for you to upgrade your living situation, but now you have to decide whether you want to undertake a major renovation or simply build a new custom home fit for your lifestyle. This decision is a hard one to make because it can affect the long term functionality that you hope to gain. So is it better to renovate or to build new?

Benefits of Renovation

Renovations are usually the first choice for homeowners who simply need a little more space, better aesthetics in the home or increased functionality in their existing home. Renovating is often more cost effective than building new, and there are numerous financing options available for building a home addition or renovating a portion of your house, no matter how big the finished project will be. With most home renovations, you can continue to live in part of the house while the work is being done, which will also save you money in the short term. A renovation is a good choice if you want solutions but you can’t stop everything to manage a full rebuild.

Benefits of a Custom Built Home

At the other end of the spectrum is the custom built home. A custom built home is ideal for people who have a vision and need a home that is built to meet their unique needs. Growing families and multi-generational families tend to choose custom built homes so that they can create a perfect living space that meets their needs while maintaining the flow and design of the home in a general sense. These aspects can often be disrupted or choppy when multiple additions are done over time, making the house less appealing to future buyers. While custom built homes do offer more flexibility during the planning stages, there are some challenges associated with financing, especially if you want to use equity on your current property to rebuild from the ground up. Of course, when you do build new, you will be able to bring your entire home up to modern day energy efficiency standards, making your home easier to live in and more comfortable for everybody.

Ultimately, the decision to renovate or build new comes down to your vision and financing capabilities. You will need to make a decision based on your current financial situation and your projected needs from the house over time. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve your dreams when working with a builder like Alair Homes. Contact us, and let’s discuss your goals so you have the information you need to make the best choice.