Deciding to settle down and build a custom home in Scarborough is easy to do. After all, this Toronto suburb is close to everything that the metropolitan area offers, and it has a distinctive charm of its own. However, the construction and decorating processes for a custom built home require you to make numerous tough decisions. Our skilled team at Alair Homes Scarborough has curated a list of apps for you to download and take advantage of to streamline your decision making process and help you along the way.

Photo Measures

Room measurements directly impact design decisions, and Photo Measures is an innovative app that takes the stress and hassle out of measuring rooms in your new custom home. To use the app, upload an image of each room in your home. Accurate measurements will quickly be generated, and this enables you to easily determine which new or existing pieces will fit in your new rooms.

Adobe Color Capture

If you are having trouble deciding on a color scheme for the interior or exterior of your custom built home, Adobe Color Capture can help. Through the app, take pictures of artwork, natural scenes and other images that you find appealing from a color perspective. The app uses your preferences to determine which custom color combinations are most appealing to you. Then, simply take the information and use it to pick out the paint colors, fabrics and decor in your custom built home.


Through the Houzz app, you can browse through millions of amazing images of decorated homes. These images can inspire your architectural home design decisions as well as your decorating decisions. Through the app, save notes and images to keep your ideas stored in one convenient location. Then, share the notes with your project manager to give us a visual of your ideas and goals.

Sun Seeker

Both home design and decorating decisions may be based partially on natural sunlight. For example, you may adjust the position and size of your windows based on sun position, and natural sunlight may influence interior paint color selection. It can even impact the types of plants that may thrive in different areas of your landscaping plan. Sun Seeker is a beneficial app that quickly tells you the precise path that the sun will take over your new home.

Photo by Alair Homes ScarboroughDiscover living room design ideas


This savvy app enables you to create detailed renderings of your rooms to-scale. These 3D images can be used to help you with furniture and accessory selections, placement and more. Use this app when shopping for new furniture and decorative pieces to make smart decisions.


Professional interior design advice is easily accessible through the Havenly app. You can communicate your preferred style and budget to professional designers. The designers can review images that you have uploaded, and they can provide you with as much advice and guidance as you need to create a gorgeous space that you will love.

The experienced team at Alair Homes is eager to bring your vision of a custom home in Scarborough to life. These apps may help you to make various design and decorating decisions that can further ensure your satisfaction with the end result.