12 Mar KonMari Closets for Your Custom Home

Often overlooked, a closet should match the design and functionality that the rest of your home has. An orderly closet provides in both form and function…. Read More

25 Sep 10 Tips to Make Your Home Practical and Functional

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

Sometimes storage and fashion don’t go hand in hand. However, it is possible to create a functional liveable space that also serves you and your… Read More

20 Jan To-Dos: Your January Home Checklist

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

January is a dark and cold month. However, it gives you the opportunity to start over fresh. There are many things that you can do… Read More

20 May 8 Organization Systems For Your New Vancouver House

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

Many of us struggle with organization, but finding the right system makes the process much easier. Using the tips below, you can get your new… Read More

11 Jun New Rules for Electrical Engineering

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

New rules for electrical – Doing it right, home renovations from Alair Homes on Vimeo.   Hi I’m Cory Byron from Vancity Electric. This is… Read More

22 Dec Refinishing Hardwood Floors: DIY or Call a Pro?

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

For people who are looking to save money, refinishing your own hardwood floors is an appealing prospect. However, before you get started, it is a… Read More

22 Oct Let’s Give Them Something to Caulk About

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

Caulking is an easy and effective way to improve the overall appearance of your room, prevent mildew, and cut down heating and cooling costs. All… Read More

24 Jul Homeowner’s Responsibility in Safety, BC, Canada

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

Safety is a big concern in renovations and new construction and the onus falls on Homeowners. Even if the homeowner hires a contractor they are… Read More

15 Jun Water Proofing Your Shower

Adding a custom shower during a bathroom renovation is becoming a staple for high end housing. Common customizations include full tile shower bases, linear or… Read More

13 Jun Fixing the Most Common Household Issues

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

When owning a house, one will quickly realize that they need to spend plenty of time and money preventing issues. Not only that, while one… Read More

01 Apr Levels of Drywall Finish

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

Levels of Drywall Finish When building a new home or renovating an existing one, few home owners get into specifics when it comes to drywall…. Read More

31 Oct Using Cranes for Debris Removal

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

Renovations in mid rise condominiums can be challenging because they often only have one elevator. Moving debris and materials through that elevator and through the lobby is just not acceptable, so using a crane like in this video is possible in many cases. Ask your preferred renovation contractor for more information about this innovative approach that will keep your neighbors happy.

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