25 Oct Condo Renovation in Vancouver

In Condo Renovations, Home Renovations by Alair Homes Author

Are you looking to do a condo renovation in Vancouver? Renovating a condo in Vancouver, like in any other major city, involves a combination of… Read More

22 Jun How to Choose the Right Custom Home Builder

Selecting the right custom home builder is one of the most important decisions you will make when building your dream home.  Choose well and you… Read More

12 Mar KonMari Closets for Your Custom Home

Often overlooked, a closet should match the design and functionality that the rest of your home has. An orderly closet provides in both form and function…. Read More

18 Feb Man Cave Tips

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

In any new custom home or renovation, making spaces that allow the family to really enjoy special parts of the home is always worth it. … Read More

30 Dec Bringing Blue into Your Vancouver Kitchen

Making changes and upgrades to the kitchen are some of the most useful home improvements since the kitchen is the most functional room in most… Read More

21 Dec Budget Friendly Renovation Experience

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

So you want to update your space but you’re on a budget? You want things done right, but you’re not sure if you can afford… Read More

30 Sep Luxury Remodel on a Limited Budget

Renovation can be surprisingly costly, especially when your dreams are ambitious. A third of homeowners begin without a home remodeling budget to speak of, and… Read More

20 Nov How to Keep Control of Your Budget During a Renovation

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

A budget will help you know and plan how much to spend during the remodeling of your house. However, many people spend more than they… Read More

15 Aug House Raising: How to Get the Most Money Out of Your House

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Many homes built in the early 1900’s have short low head height basements, not suitable for living spaces. They were intended for storage and utility… Read More

14 Aug 10 Steps to Renovating Your Condo

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Condos, like traditional homes, can be renovated if you feel you need a change of appearance. The difference is that you will be working around… Read More

20 Jun [VIDEO] Make Money with Your Home Renovation

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Make money with your reno – renovation tips from Alair Homes on Vimeo.  Bernadette: “Hi everybody my name is Bernadette and here’s Veneesh from Xiva… Read More

31 May To Renovate or Teardown & Build a New Home?

Build new or renovate – renovatin tips from Alair Homes on Vimeo. Which one is more efficient in Vancouver, to build a new home or… Read More

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