19 Aug Guide to Picking Your Bathroom Vanity

In Bathroom Renovations by David Babakaiff

Whether you’re planning an entire bathroom remodel, or a bathroom makeover that involves a new bathroom vanity, you’ll need to plan out your style choices… Read More

09 Aug Getting the Most Out of Your Bathroom Tiling

In Bathroom Renovations by David Babakaiff

Bathroom Tiling- How to Finish Edges How do you bridge the gap between a good bathroom renovation and an exceptional one? One way that really… Read More

15 Jun Water Proofing Your Shower

Adding a custom shower during a bathroom renovation is becoming a staple for high end housing. Common customizations include full tile shower bases, linear or… Read More

21 May Alair Homes Vancouver is Your Local General Contractor with Local Experience

Vancouver is a unique place to work and live. With a vibrant nightlife, a bountiful array of outdoor activities, an abundance of career opportunities and… Read More

25 Nov Why You Should Choose Alair Homes for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Vancouver

When selecting a home renovation provider, you want the best in quality and true value for your money. It is important to hire someone who holds true to their promises and stands behind their work. Alair Homes Vancouver does all this and more. We offer industry leading building standards and unparalleled best practices that focus on customer satisfaction.

11 Feb Renovating a Bathroom that has Mold and Rot

In Bathroom Renovations by David Babakaiff

Small leaks in a bathroom shower can cause serious rot and mold problems. This bathroom renovation in Coquitlam started because the homeowner noticed some tiles in the shower had lost the grout integrity, and came off easily. They attempted to take some off and repair the damage they saw on the surface, but found mold underneath. Then, they had a handyman cut away more tiles and remove the backing until they realized it was a bigger problem and that they needed an expert general contractor or bathroom renovator to help solve their problem.

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