New rules for electrical – Doing it right, home renovations from Alair Homes on Vimeo.


Hi I’m Cory Byron from Vancity Electric. This is essentially an old kitchen that we gutted and we are going to completely rewire this. There’s some new rules that go along with the new kitchens. All your counter circuits basically we are running 20 amp circuits for those, not your old 15 amp circuits so you can pretty much run whatever you want on the counters. All your plugs within 1.5 meters of the sink have to be geafide protected so we will be running new wires for those as well.

This is a smoke detector we have added downstairs. There are new rules with smoke detectors, you have to one in every bedroom now. Downstairs there’s no bedrooms here so were just going to have one. Since this is by a furnace we put in something called a combo smoke detector and it’s going to sense gas, as well as smoke. Upstairs though every room with have a smoke detector now and those are some of the new rules coming in.

As you can see there is some craziness going on here. The reason why you’re getting a lot of these hanging wires likes this is because originally you have wired this house up, everything would have been stapled nicely. Then say an election would come along, we’ll fish wires through the wall to say a new part on the renovation. That’s why when you take the ceiling down, that’s why all this stuff is hanging like that because it’s been fished through. Everything new that we do is going to be stapled up nicely. Right off the back I’m seeing three different eras of electrical going on here. On top of the electrical we got low voltage wiring, y our telephone, your cable, and blue stuff, your data with the white. You know where doing a full renovation on this house, were going to tear all this stuff right back.

What I love about electrical these days is I’m not on the tools so much anymore but it’s really the people stuff day to day. When Jason, from Alair, calls me it’s not all business, its “Hey Jason how was your weekend, hey you went surfing didn’t you?” that kind of thing, just makes it a little bit more fun. Electrical is neat to me but maybe not everyone else so if I can have like a friend that I’m
dealing with day to day basis, or a client that I’ve built up a relationship with so when there calling it’s not all business, that’s really nice for me.

Alair is very organized, there probably the only company that I deal with that has every detail worked out before we start a job. That can be more pain staking before you start, but it really goes along way once you’re actually working which a lot of people don’t realize. A lot of these jobs I get a call sometimes, “Hey Corey were ready for yah.” And I’m there and things are getting made up as we work. Whereas I think this might be my 3rd site visit with Jason, and that’s fine, I’ll do three one hour site visits, but at least were getting a lot of details knocked out of the way and the clients going to have a product exactly like how they talked about.