Often overlooked, a closet should match the design and functionality that the rest of your home has. An orderly closet provides in both form and function. There is nothing quite like the feeling that you have your things in order. This article will help you choose the best improvements to help make your closets fit for the like of Marie Kondo.

Stuffed and Overflowing?

Maybe your closet isn’t bursting at the seams, but you can quickly gain space by purging closets and other storage areas every now and then. The KonMari organization method has become wildly popular. The key to this style of decluttering is taking a minimalistic approach to the items that we accumulate. Organization of your items is a goal, but not the only goal of the KonMari method.

Create a Joyful Space

Your closet (and your home) should be filled with things that give you joy. Begin by ridding yourselves of the things that create more stress in your daily lives. The KonMari method is not just about your personal closet – it’s a way of life. When you open your pantry or garage, do you feel relaxed? This small inconvenience can weigh heavy on your mind.


The KonMari method involves tackling one thing at a time – by category, not necessarily location. For instance, take time to sort through all of the clothes, not just the clothing items in your master closet. If you’re coming to grips with the number of books scattered throughout your house, you must first gather all of them into one space to successfully pare them down to a manageable number. Clothes, books, and photos are all things that can be more organized through the KonMari method. You can also organize a ‘miscellaneous’ group, but take care this pile doesn’t get unnecessarily overcrowded! The theory behind this method of making your closets (and home) more useful is that every item belongs to a category that has value and brings you joy. If you decide to donate or sell the items that no longer fulfill their purpose, you must move on. This is true with all types of items, whether it be papers or clothing.

Custom Home Closets

When you go through the rigorous process of planning for a custom made built home, put the same thought and care into every room- including the closets. You want your custom closet to be as attractive, practical and functional as possible.

Walk In Closet 1

Compartmentalizing is another facet of the KonMari method. After you’ve gone through your clothing, arrange the items you put back in the closet by fabric type, style or color. If your closet doesn’t have adjustable shelving, think about adding that to your closet wish list.

Bottom Line

Whether you are designing your new custom home or renovation – Alair Homes will help you get the most out of your closet space. Now you know how to best organize your belongings, you will be able to design your closet in ways that will be as pleasing to the eye as they are functional.