05 Feb How Can I Keep My Home Warm All Winter Long?

As winter temperatures continue to drop to frigid levels, many families really start to focus on ways in which they can keep their homes warm… Read More

08 Jan New Years Resolutions For Your Home

As we welcome in another New Year, we are often faced with the question of “what are your New Year’s resolutions?” You may have thought… Read More

30 Sep Utility Room Design Ideas

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

It’s finally time for your home renovation! How will you update your utility room? While some believe the laundry space only needs to be functional,… Read More

31 Aug Things to Consider for Your New Master Bath

Once simply a utilitarian space in most homes, today’s bathroom is luxurious and inviting. This is especially true for the master bath – a sanctuary… Read More

31 May How Much Does A Renovation Cost and How Long Does It Take?

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Are you trying to decide if renovating your Orillia home is a preferred option over relocating? When your existing space is no longer an ideal… Read More

28 Nov What to Expect During Your Home Renovation Project

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26 Oct 6 Causes of Stress During a Renovation & Tips to Avoid Them

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Renovating your home can often be an exciting process if you’re ready to transform the setting and update various rooms. Unfortunately, renovating the building can… Read More

28 Sep 10 Tips to Make Your Home Practical and Functional

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Functional homes have plenty of appeal because they are easy to navigate and spend time in each day. It’s important to create a space that… Read More

20 Sep The​ ​Impact​ ​Colours​ ​Have​ ​On​ ​Your​ ​Home

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Do​ ​you​ ​ever​ ​walk​ ​into​ ​a​ ​home​ ​and​ ​instantly​ ​get​ ​a​ ​specific​ ​feeling​ ​or​ ​emotion​ ​when​ ​you cross​ ​the​ ​threshold?​ ​Chances​ ​are​ ​this​ ​feeling​ ​or​… Read More

26 Apr When to Start Planning For Cottage Renovations

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Winter is over and with it comes peak cottage building season. But with a few weeks of cold weather still left, winter gives you time… Read More

22 Feb How to Check the Quality of a Contractor’s Work

A common method for checking on the quality of a contractor’s work is to do a simple background check. This usually entails meeting with the… Read More

21 Jun A Beginner’s Guide to Managing a Remodel in Orillia

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

It is well known that any type of home remodel can be difficult, overwhelming, and time-consuming. You need to be prepared both financially and physically… Read More

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