Winter is over and with it comes peak cottage building season. But with a few weeks of cold weather still left, winter gives you time to plan and adjust ideas and budgets. What should I renovate? Where should I start? How much is it going to cost me? Are all questions that are probably going over in your head again and again. Don’t worry we’ve got some tips.

Renovation Purpose

Whether you´re are renovating in hopes of selling or just taking it on as a personal project to enjoy for yourself, you can start by getting to know your local market. Look around in the homes in your area to see if they have lavish upgrades, if they don’t you might want to think about skipping out on adding that gourmet kitchen or in-home theatre. Why? Future buyers tend to shop in neighborhoods that match their price range, so “overbuilding” could amount to a disappointing return on investment (ROI).

Make a List

You should also make a list of renovations you want done and what you can take over as DIYs. It’s fun to think you can do it all but some projects need the help of a professional, though you might save money by tiling you own floor or replacing your own plumbing, poor workmanship could cost you some money on your offers.

The key is to take this time to get your idea together and really plant out what it is you look for in your renovation. If you are considering a home addition, kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation or more give Alair Homes Orillia a call to find out how we can help you turn your home renovation dreams to reality.