Functional homes have plenty of appeal because they are easy to navigate and spend time in each day. It’s important to create a space that is convenient to cook, clean, and relax in for your family. If you want to make your home practical and functional, there are a few important tips to follow.

1. Remain Practical

Make use of clever designs, which can include hiding a stacked washer and dryer behind a cabinet to prevent certain features or appliances from becoming eyesores.

2. Choose the Right Layout

The most important step to take when boosting the functionality of your home is to choose the right layout. Evaluate how you use the home and where you spend the most time. Consider knocking down a few walls or adding an island in the kitchen.

3. Add Lighting

Use a combination of both natural and artificial light to make the space feel cozy and inviting. Consider installing perimeter lighting in the ceiling and add sheer curtains on the windows to allow more sunlight into each room.

4. Take Time Choosing the Finishes

Each finish should be appropriate for the room that it’s used in when designing. Consider installing subway tiles in the kitchen for the backsplash that is used. You can also add durable hardwood floors in the entryway where there’s more traffic.

5. Consider Your Future Needs

When renovating or redesigning your home, consider your future needs, whether you plan to have more kids or move your senior parents onto the property to ensure that it can continue to be functional.

6. Layer with Different Colors

The colors that are used will determine the tone of the room, making it necessary to use pops of colors with neutral shades for the right combination that has balance. Use taupe, caramel, and gray for the backdrop before adding hints of green, salmon, and yellow. Layering with color will make it easy to feel more at home in a space that looks professionally designed.

7. Make Use of Dead Space

Make use of dead space that is present in Alair Homes Orillia to ensure that you get more use out of the interior setting. Create a reading nook in an unused corner that can quickly become messy or transform a small closet into an area for a desk.

8. Incorporate Your Personality

Add design elements that are bold or reflect your personal taste to ensure that you feel at home. Use your favorite colors or prints that reflect your style with linens that are added. Both the wallpaper and the colors that are used will make it easy to show off your favorite patterns and prints when making the home personal and custom.

9. Create Areas for Storage

Everything should have a place to prevent clutter from accumulating, which will make it necessary to create storage space. Make use of empty space underneath beds for seasonal clothes or add a kitchen island to create a place for pots and pans.

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10. Make the Rooms Work Hard

Your design features can serve multiple functions to make the environment less cluttered and more spacious. A sleek sink can conceal pipes that are installed in a bathroom.

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