Are you trying to decide if renovating your Orillia home is a preferred option over relocating? When your existing space is no longer an ideal place to live, renovating and relocating are your two primary options. Both can result in you living in a home that is more stylish, modern and functional for your needs. Both also require a lot of time and cost money, and you need to analyze both scenarios carefully before you can decide which option is the best one for you and your loved ones. Remember that renovating your home enables you to remain in a desirable location, to continue to be close to friends and neighbors and more. Understanding the cost and time associated with renovating is essential if you want to determine if you should move forward with this type of project.

What Is the Cost of a Home Renovation in Orillia?

While you may love your current home’s location, your neighbors and more, a primary consideration when deciding whether to relocate or to renovate is the cost. You may have already gotten an estimate to move, and now you need to know how much it would cost to make your current home as ideal as possible. You can begin by itemizing the work that you need and want done to your home. Request a quote from a contractor to get realistic figures. Remember that the actual cost of the work is largely dependent on the quality of the materials that you use and how in-depth the work is. Something as simply as keeping a support wall in place rather than knocking it down can save a tremendous amount of money. Therefore, discuss all of your plans with a contractor so that you can more accurately determine which components of your project could easily be eliminated to save money. Remember to analyze your financial situation and the option to borrow money to ensure that you have funds available to complete the renovation work.

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How Long Does It Take?

Even if you can afford to complete the work that you want done to your home, the matter of timing also comes into mind. A basic project, such as updating a smaller bathroom, may only take a week. A total home re-do may require several months of effort. Remember that some aspects of the project may add a full week or two onto the completion date in some cases. If timing is a major consideration, speak with your contractor about your concerns. He or she may be able to tell you about specific project components that are adding time onto the project and that may not necessarily be critical to you. You also should determine if you and your family can remain in the home for the entire project or if you will need to temporarily relocate for a period of time.

When you spend time and money renovating your home, you understandably want it to live up to your expectations. Before you finalize your plans about which option is preferable, understand what the final living experience will be and what your financial situation will be like after both options. Remember that you need to consult with a contractor to get firm information about renovating. Contact Alair Homes Orillia for an informative consultation.