11 Feb Building For Your Kelowna Lot

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At Alair Homes, we have one goal to accomplish. That goal is to make sure every home buil surpasses the expectations of their clients in… Read More

20 May Water Filtration for Your Custom Home

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British Columbia’s water quality is generally excellent. Covered by the Drinking Water Protection Act, suppliers are required to maintain stringent standards and notify users when… Read More

15 Apr Luxury Vinyl Flooring (Not What You Think)

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Are you a Kelowna local who dreams of creating a home that exudes luxury? How do you reflect that desire with style choices that fit… Read More

08 Mar KonMari Closets for Your Custom Home

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You do not want to spend hours looking for a pair of socks or that lipstick you love, right? A beautifully designed and well-organized closet… Read More

02 Mar Wallpaper- Trends that Stick

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Are you wondering what will make your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen more lively and attractive? Do you want to hide those minor cracks… Read More

10 Feb Home Design Trends You’ll See More of in 2019

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Renovating your Kelowna home opens the door to an incredible transformation. While you probably have functional matters that you want to address through your home… Read More

30 Dec Bringing Blue into Your Kelowna Kitchen

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Blue has long been a popular color in kitchens, both in Kelowna and around the world. What’s great about adding a bit of extra color… Read More

Phased Kelowna Home Renovation – Is it Right for You?

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They say that there is more than one way to bake a cake. This cannot be truer than when it comes to home renovation given that… Read More

30 Nov Six Apps to Use When Building Your Kelowna Home

You may have been dreaming about what your custom built home in Kelowna will look like for years, and you may be thrilled that our… Read More

Holiday Events in Kelowna 2018

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There is always something fun to do in Kelowna regardless of the season, but the holiday season brings many additional events for you to enjoy… Read More

31 Oct Prepping Your Home for Cooler Weather

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Buttoning up your home to protect it from winter’s chill not only increases your indoor comfort, it also cuts your heating costs. Every task you… Read More

What Does Your Kelowna Property Mean to You?

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This article aims to simply identify the options that you may have, and not any sort of bias in the position of redevelopment. Alair Homes… Read More

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