Stu Hopewell

At Alair Homes, we have one goal to accomplish. That goal is to make sure every home buil surpasses the expectations of their clients in both quality and design. EveryAlair Home home construction project follows the Client Control Model. By involving the client in the design process, the contractors can create the perfect house that meets the needs of the family that will be calling it home. Unlike other homebuilders, Alair does not use “cookie-cutter” floor plans or popular designs when working on the Kelowna lots.

Custom Built, Client Controlled

Each home built by Alair is based upon the needs and wants of the clients. Other contractors offer a fixed price. In some cases, that fixed price can be somewhat deceptive. At Alair Homes, no prices are discussed until the designer has a chance to meet with the family and get to know them. What are their needs? Are there certain features they would like to include in the final design?

Ability to make finish product selections.
Client keeps 100% ownership of the property throughout the process.
Buying power passed directly to the client.
Full breakdown of management hours.
Clients have complete transparency to the costs, including markup.
Ability to change selections and scope during construction with no penalty.
The price of the job is known up front, prior to construction commencing.
All encompassing service, from lot sourcing and designing to move-in services.
Clients have absolute control over their vision for the project from day one.

The ultimate goal is to involve the client in every step of the process. By doing this, each home is custom-built, using the client’s choices as the blueprint to follow.

The Benefits of Customization

There are several benefits to building a customized home. The key 3 benefits of a custom home are:

  1. The homeowner has a home they love and that is uniquely their own.
  2. There is a reason behind every decision in terms of the size of the rooms, the number of closets, and choices of amenities.
  3. There is literally no wasted space.

If you design a home so that every area has a purpose, then waste is almost entirely eliminated. The client has the type of living area they want, without all of the things that normally come with a mass-produced floor plan. With a custom-built home, changes can be made during the building process that may not have been possible if a standard floor plan was used.

Wooden kitchen cabinets with black hardware

Start to Finish Construction Services

At Alair Homes, contractors handle the design and building of the home from start to finish. There are no middlemen and no outsourcing of jobs. Alair handles every aspect of the custom home building process. This includes meeting with the family and designing the perfect home. It also involves finding and purchasing the right materials so that the quality and workmanship used to build the home is second to none. From the first phone call and meeting to the final inspection before the client moves, the staff at Alair Homes offers professional and knowledgeable service to each and every client they serve.

Customer Satisfaction Is the Priority Not the Option

When you choose a contractor to build your home, you want to be satisfied. You want your home to meet your needs and have the right amenities and features that fit your lifestyle. At Alair Homes, customer satisfaction is the main priority. There are no other options. When a client comes in to ask about a home, my first objective is to learn as much as they can about the family and find out exactly what their needs are. By doing this, I can offer suggestions and recommendations to meet and exceed the expectations of the customer. That is what custom home building on Kelowna lots is all about.

Modern home with dark flat roof and attached garage

If you are interested in having the home of your dreams, give my team a call. The client-control custom home building model ensures that you can have the home you have always longed for without having to worry about paying for things you don’t really want. It is my goal to offer Kelowna homeowners the very best when it comes to custom-built homes that take your desires into consideration.