31 Aug 7 Things to Consider for Your Master Bathroom

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The en-suite bathroom is a popular trend for master baths for single people as well as couples. The master bath is arguably the second most… Read More

31 Jul Guide to Concrete Flooring In Your Custom Home Kitchen

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The kitchen is considered to be the most important room of the home. As such, it gets plenty of use and sees a lot of… Read More

30 Jun Barrie Summer Events & Activities for 2018 (june)

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Whether you are rediscovering your city, coming to visit on vacation or simply spending a day doing happy things, there is plenty to see and… Read More

31 May 10 Design Ideas to Make Your Custom Bathroom Easier to Clean

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While the bathroom is an often used space, cleaning it every week does not need to feel like such a challenge. Many designs are available… Read More

30 Apr Broken Floor Plan Living In Barrie

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The open concept floor plan is still a favorite in North America. This is an approach that uses fewer walls, allowing spaces to flow into… Read More

15 Apr Importance of a Project Manager

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At Alair Homes Barrie we put a gigantic emphasis on hiring the best in class Project Managers, and there are so many misconceptions as to… Read More

28 Feb 2018 Bathroom Trends For Your Custom Home Build

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Staying on top of new and upcoming trends as well as considering timeless features is important, especially if you have the opportunity to design a… Read More

20 Feb Creating Curb Appeal [Part 1]

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If your main interest is in making your house more appealing from the exterior, whether just to make it a prettier and more appealing house… Read More

30 Jan What Is A Custom Home Project Manager?

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Building a new home will require many different steps and consulting the right professionals to complete the project. When you’re ready to start the process,… Read More

27 Dec 5 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Custom Home Builder

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If you have decided that you would like to build a home of your own, you might be wondering about the best way of doing… Read More

21 Nov 7 Home Projects to Add Value to Your Home

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As a homeowner, you’ll need to maintain the home and increase its appeal with updates periodically. You’ll want to increase the value of the property… Read More

25 Oct 10 Unexpected Costs of Home Renovations

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Remodeling your home is a necessary step to take once the property becomes outdated and dysfunctional. The cost is one of the most critical parts… Read More

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