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The kitchen is considered to be the most important room of the home. As such, it gets plenty of use and sees a lot of foot traffic. This is part of what makes your flooring decision so important. Choosing floors that are both durable and attractive enhances the look and feel of the kitchen. For many homeowners, the option that wins out is concrete flooring. There are many reasons why concrete floors are so appealing. Let’s take a look at a few.


Concrete is a highly durable material and can even last the lifespan of the house. It won’t scratch or get scuffed up easily, so it’s the ideal choice in homes with children or pets. The level of durability that it has is determined by the amount of rebar that is included during construction. If you drop a glass cup on the floor, the cup will break but won’t cause damage to the surface of the concrete.

The product is also water resistant when it’s sealed and won’t kick up dust. While it is an initial investment to install concrete floors in your custom home, you might find it worth the cost especially if you consider the longevity factor these floors offer and the time saving feature of ease of cleaning.

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Concrete floors have an industrial design, but their use is not limited to industrial kitchens. This type of flooring is commonly used in kitchens that have a farmhouse style. Concrete floors are also a popular choice in modern mid-century and modern homes. They’re also easy to customize because they come in a variety of color shades, which includes greens, browns, and grays.

The floor pairs well with fir wood, steel accent plates, and reclaimed wood.


When installing a concrete floor, you have the option of customizing the material with acid stains, dye stains, and epoxy sealers. It can even be engraved to make it specific to your vision.

Underfoot Feel

Concrete floors have a hard surface, but you can add a soft touch with rugs and padding, making them more comfortable when you walk barefoot in the home. The sealing that is applied on the surface will also influence what it feels like to walk on your new floors. Concrete flooring that is sealed with acrylic sealer feels like tile, and an epoxy coating will make you feel like you’re walking on linoleum.


Although the material is a popular option, there are a few drawbacks of concrete. It adds weight to your home, so it is necessary to ensure that the framing is secure and strong. A concrete floor may not be ideal to install if the kitchen isn’t level. Careful consideration is necessary when installing it on the second or third floor of the building due to its weight.

Ideal Climate

Concrete is most ideal in warm climates because it doesn’t absorb heat and will allow the inside of the house to remain cooler in warmer seasons. A way to overcome this is to install radiant heat. Many companies highly advise that you install in-floor radiant heat. This energy efficient choice helps to ensure that your floors remain comfortable year round.

Concrete floors are a popular option in many modern homes. If this style appeals to you, take some time to understand the benefits and drawbacks by having a discussion with a professional general contractor. Alair Homes Barrie is always happy to help you make the right decision about concrete flooring in your custom home. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.