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Staying on top of new and upcoming trends as well as considering timeless features is important, especially if you have the opportunity to design a bathroom from the ground up during a custom home build by Alair Homes Barrie. Building a custom home delivers the perfect opportunity to create your dream bathroom, and there are a lot of things to take into consideration when planning and designing your new space. With 2018 comes some new trends to take into account.

Floating Vanities

An easy way to modernize and simplify the bathroom is by adding a floating vanity. It opens up the floor, allowing for more tile to be shown as well as allowing for more square footage of radiant floor heating. Another benefit is that a floating vanity will keep all of the sink’s plumbing out of sight and out of mind. Floating vanities can be installed at any height and offer a variety of below-sink storage options.

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Freestanding Bathtubs

Although these timeless pieces may have been notoriously pricey in the past, they have recently become much more affordable. They can also double as decorative pieces, and in some cases may modernize the bathroom or even give it that spa-like feel . A freestanding tub may also leave floor tiles exposed and uninterrupted, leaving the bathroom looking and feeling more spacious.

New Tech

Like many other parts of the home, bathrooms are becoming smarter. As technology has progressed, devices such as smart mirrors and water saving faucets have become much more affordable and accessible to everyone. The bathroom should be a space where you can relax and unwind. Adding shower controls, heated floors, LED lighting, or bathroom speakers can really add to the comfort factor of the bathroom and help to modernize the space.

Integrated Showers

Adding an integrated shower is a great way to help open and simplify the room visually, especially when it comes to smaller bathrooms. With no door and a floor that extends into the rest of the bathroom, this type of shower is a great way to optimize the space you are working with. You can even go the extra mile to modernize the shower by installing a digital shower system.

Open Space

There are plenty of ways to make the bathroom feel open, even if you have a small space to work with. Even if a window isn’t feasible, using large floor tiles and bright colors can help make the space appear larger and more open. Keeping the floor exposed by utilizing floating vanities, integrated showers or freestanding tubs is also a great way to squeeze a little more space out of the bathroom. Consider storage that doesn’t take up much floor space, and don’t forget to install some radiant heating system to keep your feet warm day and night.