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The en-suite bathroom is a popular trend for master baths for single people as well as couples. The master bath is arguably the second most important room in the home, and it should provide you many modern conveniences and luxuries. If you’re considering an en-suite bathroom renovation, then there are at least seven interesting factors that you may not have considered.

1. Are Your Bathroom Features at the Right Height?

If you’re renovating a master bath that is decades old, it’s likely that your vanity is at 30 inches and everything else is configured around that. Thirty inches used to be the standard, and while it is appropriate for children, it isn’t ideal for adults. Consider 36 inches instead.

2. Do You Need a Tub?

Tubs are certainly not an en-suite bathroom must-have. If like many modern people you only ever use your tub occasionally, then consider skipping it to save the space and perhaps the money. If you still like the idea of soaking from time to time, consider a custom soaking tub instead.

3. Is the Shower Threshold a Must?

A common trend in en-suite bathroom design is not to use a prefabricated shower base but rather to have a shower floor that is an extension of the bathroom floor. This approach opens up other possibilities too, such as zero-threshold showers, which cost a little more but are very convenient and safe as well as modern in style.

4. How Will You Accessorize Your Shower?

The modern master bath shower experience is quite different than even a decade ago. Grab bars are now commonplace and quite attractive features. Seats are also common in order to make it easier to shave your legs, for instance, and if you’re a man who likes to shave in the shower, consider proper lighting, a fog-free mirror and an area for the accessories you’ll need.

5. Do You Want Niches in the Shower and Elsewhere?

With tile walls, niches are relatively easy to include and not particularly expensive. These cubby holes are perfect in showers in order to store soaps and the like. They can also be used throughout a bathroom not just for functional purposes but in order to display decorations.

6. Do You Need More Windows?

Modern bathroom designs often feature not only larger windows but a higher window count. Even shower windows have become more prevalent. Windows allow in a lot of natural light, which minimizes the need for artificial lighting and helps to make a room feel much larger.

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7. Where Will the Lighting and HVAC Equipment Go?

Lighting and heating shouldn’t be an afterthought. Think about it early on. Dimming and color options can help provide mood. Recessed or concealed lighting can open up visual space, and radiant heating can have a significant effect on how comfortable a bathroom is, particularly during the coldest months of winter.

When you’re ready to design your master bathroom, call on a professional to help. Alair Homes Barrie is ready to listen to your ideas, provide solid advice and leverage our reputation to help save you money. Contact us to discuss your project during a complimentary consultation.