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Remodeling your home is a necessary step to take once the property becomes outdated and dysfunctional. The cost is one of the most critical parts of the process to ensure that you can afford each step. When remodeling your house, it’s also necessary to be aware of a few unexpected costs that often come with the process.

1. Repairing Damage

During a home renovation, it’s possible to discover termites or other types of pests that have invaded and have caused damage to your home. Rot is another issue that can be expensive due to wood that has deteriorated and needs to be fixed.

2. Moving Your Stuff in and Out

Vacating your house during a home renovating can cost money due to renting a van, equipment, and even hiring movers. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars each time you move in or out.

3. Changing Your Mind

Although it can be easy to fall in love with a different style of tile for your backsplash or the material of countertops, changing your mind on specific features will increase the cost of the project.

4. Time is Money

Taking time off work to meet with contractors or shop for supplies can cut into your paycheck when you’re leaving work during the day and aren’t getting paid.

5. Making the Home “Up to Code”

Your home may have been up to code several decades ago, but it’s likely that the codes have changed to make the property more energy-efficient and sustainable. You’ll be required to pay to make the home up to code even if it’s an extra expense that you didn’t anticipate.

6. High Utility Bills

When renovating your property, it can be easy to forget about the cost of utilities, which can often increase during the construction process with the electricity, water, and air conditioning that is used during the day by the workers. Expect to pay an average of $40 each month for each piece of equipment that is used.

7. Structural Changes

You may need to make a few structural changes if a beam isn’t as strong as you thought or the drywall is demoed, which will add to the cost when there’s more work than you anticipated.

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8. Dining Out

One of the most common challenges that come with renovating a home is not always having access to the kitchen, which will lead to eating out frequently throughout the week. Eating out can quickly add up, making it necessary to plan no-cook meals for your family.

9. Pet Hotels

It’s important that your dogs or cats are kept off of the property to prevent them from becoming injured or getting in the way of the construction. Boarding your pet can cost hundreds of dollars when they need to stay overnight or during the day at a facility that welcomes animals.

10. Poor Building Practices

Many homeowners discover that their home is not as structurally sound as they assumed once the contractor begins to break down walls. Improper building practices can significantly hike up the cost of the home renovation to ensure that everything is up to code and that the property is safe to inhabit.

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