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While the bathroom is an often used space, cleaning it every week does not need to feel like such a challenge. Many designs are available that help reduce the time spent scrubbing and wiping the surfaces. Building a new home is the perfect time to add these features into your design plan. The professionals at Alair Homes Barrie have a few ideas to share.

1. Purchase a Removable Toilet Seat

Removable toilet seats are extremely efficient. They can detach in seconds making it easier to wipe down every inch of the toilet seat. No special tools are needed to take the seat off. Removable toilet seats are generally in the same price range as fixed toilet seats, making this design idea both practical and cost effective.

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2. Add Spotless Shower Glass

Spotless shower glass prevents you from having to use a squeegee every time you shower. The glass is coated so water spots are less likely to develop. As a result, weekly cleanings are easier, and your shower continues to look great between cleanings too.

3. Select an Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faucet

Oil-rubbed bronze faucets are increasing in popularity because they continue to sparkle and shine without attracting fingerprints or water spots. The finish continues to look beautiful over time and does not require a lot of upkeep.

4. Mount the Toilet

Mounted toilets are connected to the wall and do not have a base. This makes it easier to sweep or mop underneath quickly, No hands and knees cleaning is necessary, making this an especially beneficial feature especially for disabled or elderly homeowners.

5. Install Large-Format Tiles

Large-format tiles or marble slaps create fewer grout lines which means less cleaning. The design is also sleek and modern.

6. Select a Toilet with a Skirted Base

Toilets that come with skirted bases can be wiped down in seconds. Installing them prevents you from needing to work around the curves that come on most bases and are designed around the pipes that are underneath. The style of the toilet is also more modern and makes the bathroom look upscale.

7. Install a Shower Sprayer

Handheld shower sprayers are not only convenient to use while bathing, but they also make cleaning tasks easier. You can spray water on different parts of the tub or shower that need to be rinsed off. This reduces the time it takes to clean and makes simple touch-ups easier too.

8. Find a Toilet with an Antimicrobial Surface

Toilets that come with antimicrobial surfaces do not stain easily and are also less prone to fading over time. This makes them a smart investment that you are not likely to need to replace in a short period of time. A permanent glaze is added, which protects the surface and helps keep the toilet cleaner.

The features you add in your new home are more than just decorative features. Making smart choices helps to make your life easier too. Consider these ideas when designing your bathroom and contact Alair Homes Barrie for more great ideas.