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Marie Kondo has revolutionized the way people handle their closets. Her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, gives homeowners a new approach to decluttering. Items that don’t “spark joy” are to be purged, so you’ll be greeted only by the clothes you love. KonMari closets can bring extra organization to your custom home that you need to sustain a serene lifestyle. Due to their obvious benefits, they also improve your return on investment should you decide to resell.

A KonMari Closet

KonMari is an organization method rather than a closet design, so this can be implemented in any space. Some closet layouts make the strategy easier to implement than others. The method itself is zen-based and thus intended to overcome attachment and keep the present moment clean and clear. Your closets should reflect your current priorities, and that demands plenty of throwing away. Marie Kindo suggests you begin by setting aside those items that make you happiest. Place those in your “keep” pile, and then move onto items you need to discard. Many of these can be donated, but some can be discarded. An action pile should consist of items that need fixing or cleaning.

The Meaning of Joy

Clothes that spark joy do so in a number of ways. Sentimental items that you never wear belong in a different category than those you love to wear every day. Investment dresses and suits that you only get to wear once a year needn’t be placed in your discard pile. They merely need their own closet space, and this is where KonMari closets come in. Your shelves and drawers should reduce clutter by letting you pack your clothes in categories. Everyday items should be stored in a different spot than formal wear you only bring out for special occasions.

KonMari Closets

Decluttering requires a carefully-designed space complete with a blend of closed and open storage. Open shelving keeps your daily items easily accessible. Add baskets and bins to help sustain your KonMari method on a daily basis.

Consider reserving space for completed outfits. As a result, you may dress in moments without much thought or worry. Include multi-level hooks and rails for unparalleled functionality. In fact, the more versatility you build into your closet, the easier it will be to keep living the KonMari way. Trays are equally useful, letting you organize your jewelry and scarves. Small items should be visible at a glance, so rods and uncovered shelves are useful additions.


walk in closet with built in shelving and small windows

Closets are typically dark, dreary places and this does nothing to improve your enthusiasm for organizing. To alleviate this, brighten up the space with both task and ambient lighting. Bask in natural lighting as you get ready by installing small windows in the free space above the hanging rods.


If you plan to add a walk-in closet to your custom built home, an island will provide the countertop space required to support your organization. The addition of comfortable seating and mirrored cabinet doors aren’t merely aesthetic inclusions. These are all features that add peace of mind to your morning routine.

KonMari planning is an easy guide for designing your custom built home to benefit your lifestyle. You won’t have to start each day with clutter or waste time on organization. With the right closet design, your strategy will flow easily and naturally.