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Truth be told, a lot of joy comes with a home looking in its element. While there are many ways to achieve this, you can never go wrong with turfgrass. This is an option that has passed the test of time when it comes to improving property value. Many are the reasons why turf is considered a must-have by the better part of homeowners across the world. Here is what you need to know.

Air Purification

Research shows that turfgrass plays a major role in wiping out dust and dirt from the atmosphere. Turfgrass helps in reducing contamination of the environment by keeping pollutants in check. It is the grass blades that capture the air-borne impurities after which precipitation helps move the impurities into the root zone. The soil microbes then break down the pollutants, keeping them locked up in the soil.

Turfgrass, like other greenery, breaks down harmful substances but also releases a healthy dose of oxygen. Turfgrass provides a huge amount of life supporting oxygen that can cater for four people daily. The benefits add up fast and research shows that 1.15 million acres of turfgrass can generate oxygen for no less than 80 million people.

Reduces Global Warming

As well as purifying the air of common debris, turfgrass traps and stores carbon that contributes to global warming. The grass then converts the carbon dioxide to form a stable form of carbon that’s locked in the soil layers. Instead of the carbon floating around in the air, it is broken down into organic matter.

Improves Groundwater Quality

Some atmosphere pollutants even make rainwater acidic, and this can be detrimental to the environment. The good news is that healthy turfgrass can help keep the acidity at bay thereby improving groundwater quality. This also doubles up as a way to reduce contamination of water bodies like lakes and rivers.

Reduces runoff

Established turfgrass reduces the flow of storm water. The excess water gets absorbed by the ground as it gets filtered, ending up in aquifers instead of flowing to the storm sewers. Note that a healthy turf in your custom built home will offer 15 times less runoff when compared to its thin and unhealthy counterpart.

Cooling Effect

Turfgrass cools itself and the surrounding areas while at it. This goes a long way in reducing cooling energy requirements in your custom built home. During hot days, lawns are significantly cooler when compared to concrete or asphalt. With less heat emitting straight from your lawn to your entryway, you could save on air conditioning bills by adding turf.

Soil Quality

Lawn clippings decompose naturally, providing nutrients that offer other benefits. Clippings from a healthy turf of about 1,000 square foot can provide three applications of lawn fertilizer. This increases microorganism bioactivity that goes a long way in improving soil quality.

Turfgrass also helps in preventing soil erosion caused by wind and rainfall. Considering that 90% of turfgrass weight lies in the roots, it’s not surprising how turf is able to solidly lock soil in place. The roots of a well maintained turf can number up to 300 million, or more per acre. Realize that areas without grass cover experiences 600 times more water erosion.


A well maintained turfgrass helps in slowing even the wildest of fires. It’s along these lines that lawns provide a safe and resilient environment. Turfgrass is soft and its cushioning effect offers the perfect playing surface, lessening the chances of injuries and abrasions. It also helps in regulating temperature thus offering optimal workout conditions. What’s more, turfgrass reduces glare that can cause vision discomfort.

adobe style single story custom home surrounded by trees with healthy turfgrass front lawn

Most custom built home owners are now embracing turfgrass. This comes as no surprise if you were to think of all the advantage. Give this a try and you won’t regret!