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Designing a Creative Homework Space in your Custom Home

Finding a place for kids to do their homework is an age-old problem. The dining room table is the usual place to gather for after-school homework. This happens right in the middle of the time when you’re fixing dinner. There are distractions, and there may even be a little chaos now and then. Not only that but then you’re stuck with the clutter to put away when it’s time to eat.

The best way to avoid this problem is to create a designated area for projects and homework. You can kick-start your kids’ study habits with a change of scenery – away from the dining room table.

When you’re designing your custom home, creating just the right space for homework will free-up the traditional dining room table issue and give your kids an area where they can be more productive.

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Made just for them.

Adding an extra room for homework and other creative activities will help your kids become more responsible and feel like their school work matters. That’s a good idea but may not fit in with your custom home design.

You can make good use of any size space you allocate to homework when you use a bit of imagination and creativity. Not every custom home design has the space for an entire room for homework. If this is the case – don’t worry. A carefully planned bedroom or another area of your home can also provide a quiet place for after-school studies. Working with your contractor, you can add a contemporary or traditional look for your kids.

Built-ins may be the answer.

A narrow space can be made to look wider with built-ins. Even an awkward under-the-stairs area can be transformed into a study space with a few carefully placed wall-mounted shelves, desk and cabinets. For a more modern look, a large bookcase between windows, with a desk on each side will give space for two.

  • Don’t discount the space under a window. Turn it into a reading nook with a padded bench window-seat with a lid that doubles for storage.
  • Bunk-style beds free up loads of space underneath. A desk, shelves, and even a bench or two can all be part of this private workspace.
  • What is more creative than a stand-alone bookshelf that has a built-in desk on each side? Not only does this give each child a private space, but it doubles as a room divider.
  • If your custom home design includes lots of closets – think about using one to provide an organized homework space. It’s the perfect size, and all it needs is a few built-in shelves and desk.
  • Even an unused wall or hallway can be turned into a creative place for studying. Floating wall ledges can give it a space-saving feeling as well as being functional.

Think creatively.

When beginning to design your custom home with Alair Homes, even if your children are small – consider adding a spot for them to do crafts and later on homework. Having one place for them to work on projects and keep their supplies handy will save you from clutter later on.