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Kitchens are for making memories, not just meals. Whether it’s entertaining guests, helping children with homework or just enjoying your morning coffee, it is the most lived-in room in many homes. Taking some time to organize it will streamline daily routines and give you more time to focus on your family. The following 10 tips from Alair Homes London will increase the functionality and organization of your kitchen.

Storage, Storage, Storage

No one complains of having too much storage. When searching for places to stow your gear, consider corners and dead space between appliances and walls. An excellent example of this is placing a movable spice rack in the space between your stove and the wall. If you systematically search for usable space in this room, you will soon find all such spaces filled and your countertops clear.

Corner the Market

With regards to kitchen organization, corners are king. Adding a corner unit with pull-out shelving or a Lazy Susan will provide abundant storage in exchange for very little time and effort. Even larger items such as small appliances or pans can find new homes, keeping them handy while preserving valuable work space.

A Place for Everything

When everything is in its place, your kitchen is much easier to maintain. Small changes such as outfitting a sink side drawer with a utensils tray will keep silverware in easy reach and will encourage everyone to put items back where they belong. If you’re especially short on drawer space, consider a two-tiered organizer to make full use of your drawer’s vertical space.

Stow Small Appliances

Nothing communicates chaos as quickly as countertops overrun with small appliances. Installing an appliance garage in a recessed area or under a cabinet will help keep your blender, food processor, and other small appliances within reach and out of sight.

Tame the Trash

Keep your garbage properly contained to freshen your space. Maintain pull-out drawers for the trash can and recycle bin. As an eco-friendly alternative to your carburetor, place food waste in an outdoor compost bin and use it to enrich your garden soil. Color-code or label your bins to easily distinguish them from one another.

Get Out of the Cabinet

Many homes have multiple cabinets conveniently located over the stove or countertop. While these provide storage, they may also cover bricks, tiles, and other interior design details. More compact alternatives include baskets, hooks, and floating shelves.

Create Cohesion

Open plan spaces are increasingly common in today’s homes, placing the sights and smells of cooking in full view of waiting guests. To increase flow between rooms, consider integrated-panels over large appliances. While those matching the adjunct wall work best, coordinating panels can also enhance continuity.

Let There Be Light

Cooking and foraging for that perfect midnight snack both require good lighting. Consider LED recessed lights and lighting strips made to line drawers or cabinets. Lighting can also highlight interior design features and help delineate living spaces.

Get to Work

Your countertop is not the only place for productivity in your kitchen. A dedicated office space in the corner, for example, can be a wonderful location for jotting down a recipe, paying the hydro bill, or completing homework.

Make it Yours

Whatever your design choices, make it yours. Consulting with a renovation professional at Alair Homes London will enable you to create a space that best reflects your home’s purpose and your personality for many years to come.