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A well maintained, organized home is more functional. Smart planning will make it easier to maintain the good looks, comfort and value of your Alair Custom Home. After all, you want to enjoy your home, not spend all of your time taking care of it. Here are eight smart systems that will help:

Entryway Landing Zone

A well planned landing zone can keep your whole house more organized. No matter the size, the essentials remain the same: a spot for coats, a place for wet boots, a doormat, a trashcan, places for keys and mail. Wall mounted shelves and hooks placed over a bench, with a boot tray beneath, can accomplish much of this in very little space.

Closet Organizing

Organizing a closet makes using it easier. Keep it organized by grouping like items together. Hang the pants in one area, collared shirts in another. Keep clothes you never wear from becoming clutter by always hanging clean clothes on the left. That way the items you aren’t wearing will accumulate on the right and you’ll soon see what’s ready to be donated.

Dedicated Donations Box

When you come across something you no longer need, like clothing you don’t wear, or kitchen gadgets you never use, stow them in a dedicated box, bin, or drawer. When the container’s full, take it to your favourite charity collection center. This will help keep unwanted items from becoming unsightly clutter.

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Simple Office System

Having a space to pay bills, sign permission slips, make grocery lists, and keep track of important paperwork is essential. This can be a dedicated office with customized fixtures, a simple desk, or bit of kitchen counter and a file box. The important things are a flat surface for writing, adequate task lighting and someplace to file records for safekeeping.

Laundry System

Start with good lighting, so you can see what you’re sorting. Add strategically placed hampers to make wash day clothes gathering easier. Create storage for supplies near the washer. Add a small container for stray coins and pens. Wall mounted clothing rods, drying racks and an ironing board can be tucked away when not in use.

Labeled Kit Systems

Use containers for small items, grouping things together to create task-oriented kits. Plastic totes and canisters allow essentials to be stowed together. Create a car washing kit in a plastic tote. Stash a sewing kit in a mason jar. Waterproof lunch boxes make great first aid kits, since they travel well. Labeling helps keep things organized.

Wall-mounted Storage

Save floor space in a closet, mudroom, or garage with wall mounted storage systems. Garage systems can be configured to store yard tools, sporting equipment, even hoses and lawn furniture. A few well placed hooks can help keep towels off the bathroom floor and jackets off the mudroom floor. Wall-mounted shoe racks keep closet floors clear. Open shelving creates storage in kitchens, pantries and laundry rooms.

Home Maintenance System

Your home is a big investment. Setting up a home maintenance system protects its value. A study by the University of Connecticut and Syracuse University suggests regular maintenance increases a home’s value. Creating a maintenance checklist and setting reminders in your favourite calendar app can help you keep your home in great shape and protect your investment.