21 Dec What is a Passive House & is it for you?

In home design, Home Renovation by Alair Homes Author

The passive house is an internationally recognized standard for reducing a building’s energy use while simultaneously increasing its habitability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. It was developed… Read More

19 May We’re Passive House Certified!

Alair Homes Burnaby is striving to be on the cutting-edge of the construction industry. As a part of this effort, Alair Homes Burnaby’s Roman Taurbekov… Read More

26 Sep ABCs of Construction: Demolition

In Home Renovation by Alair Homes

These days, it’s very rare to build a house on an empty lot. Most likely, existing structures on the lot need to be torn down… Read More

31 Aug Questions to Ask Before Building Your New Kitchen

In Home Renovation by Alair Homes

The kitchen is both a functional space and a social space. That is, it includes features for the important function of preparing food, but it… Read More

30 Apr How Much Does A Renovation Cost and How Long Does It Take?

In Home Renovation by Alair Homes

Burnaby is a wonderful place to call home, and you may love your home as much as you love your community. However, you may have… Read More

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