Burnaby is a wonderful place to call home, and you may love your home as much as you love your community. However, you may have increasingly noticed that your home is less functional for your needs than it once was, and it also may be looking worn out and old. Despite the fact that you love your home, you may be torn by the option to relocate to a property that could be more well-suited for your needs. Moving is a possibility, but you also could renovate your home to make it a more ideal place to live for the next few years or longer. If a home renovation sounds like a wonderful move to make, seek more information about all aspects of the project through the contractors at Alair Homes Burnaby.

How Will You Pay For The Renovation?

The prospect of renovating may immediately make you see dollar signs. After all, renovating is not a cheap endeavor. Keep in mind, however, that renovating puts cash equity back into your home, so this is not a sunk expense like the costs of moving into a new and larger home may be. While there are financial benefits associated with renovating, you still need to find the money to pay for the work up-front. Some local homeowners can pay for a portion of the work through cash in an investment or bank account, but many also need to find other financial resources. If your home has equity in it, you can always consider using an equity financing solution to pull that cash out. Equity financing is available through refinancing your first lien, getting a home equity loan or using a home equity line of credit.


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What Can You Accomplish?

After figuring out how much cash you can spend on a renovation, you may be curious to know what you can accomplish the funds available to you. Define your ideas before reaching out to a contractor. When you know what your primary and secondary goals are, the contractor can more easily tailor a quote to specifically meet your needs and to address your concerns. The pros at Alair Homes Burnaby can easily create a quote for you that is based on the type of work that you want completed on your home. This quote includes the cost of the work and the time required to complete it.

How Reasonable Are the Quotes?

Many Burnaby residents request at least a couple of quotes to find the best option available. Comparing quotes helps you to avoid overspending, but you still need to determine if the quotes that you have received are reasonable. After all, there is a chance that all of your quotes are on the higher end and that you could save money by getting a few more quotes. There are numerous factors that are taken into account when a contractor prepares a quote. The time required, the materials requested and more. Influence both cost and timing. To give you a better idea about what to expect, keep in mind that the average bathroom project could require between one to three weeks of work and cost $10,000 to $20,000 or more. You can reasonably expect a kitchen improvement project to cost up to $25,000 or even up to $58,000 in some cases, and the project may take up to one to two months to complete.

While guessing about the funds available, the time and the cost to complete improvements is a great way to find motivation for your project, you will need to be proactive and seek solid information about your options. By contacting a mortgage lender and our team at Alair Homes Burnaby, you can get all of the accurate information you need to determine if a renovation is the right move for you to make.