The kitchen is both a functional space and a social space. That is, it includes features for the important function of preparing food, but it is often where families gather to do homework, pay bills, or simply to talk.

With so many important things done in most kitchens, it’s no wonder that kitchen renovation work is such a big part of what Alair Homes Burnaby does. Take advantage of our experience and consider these nine decisions that your project will involve.

1. What is your goal?

Not everyone has the same goals for a renovation of any room, and kitchens are no different. It could simply be a modernization of colors and floor coverings, or it could include new appliances or sinks. Create a vision of what the final project will look like before you start.

2. What do you want to include?

Along that same line, decide what features to include. You may wish to add an island, or to rearrange elements to permit more natural light inside. It could include hardwood floors, paint and wallpaper or custom cabinetry. Get your ideas together and be ready to plan.

3. What are you willing to leave out?

Of course, a kitchen renovation carries limitations. You may not be able to squeeze in, pay for, or provide power for all the things you want. So, prioritize your choices in such a way that the bottom of the list can be sacrificed to meet constraints if necessary.

4. How can you optimize space?

Storage is an important component in your custom kitchen. From having room to store pots and pans or dishware, to finding space for your pantry items and smaller appliances, it’s important to plan out your space so it feels functional and organized. Talk to your project manager about options including open shelving, custom cabinetry, a walk-in pantry or a reach-in space. Depending on the size and shape of your kitchen, one or all of these things might be good adds.

5. How will you manage lighting and climate control?

A good room layout allows light and air to go where they are needed, making the room functional and comfortable. Your layout should make it easy to see for cooking and eating. Also consider proper ventilation to keep the temperature pleasant and the airflow comfortable.

6. What permits will be required?

Nothing will wreck your schedule quite like a visit from a building inspector. They have the authority to shut down your project until the required permits are authorized and paid. Check with your local government before you do anything else. If you hire a professional general contractor, they’ll likely handle this step for you. However, be sure to ask if permits are not discussed.

7. What is your style?

This is obviously the most individual part of the project. There is no wrong answer about which style you can use, as long as it makes sense with the colors, materials, and decor in the room.

8. What details do you want?

Now it’s time to talk fixtures, such as faucets, tiles, and other finish elements. This will tie closely to your style, and in many cases, it has both aesthetic and functional elements.

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9. Who will do the work?

The contractor can make or break your kitchen renovation. A skilled, experienced, and creative team will exceed your expectations for the final product. Have a thorough contract, and don’t pay for any work that isn’t done correctly.

Renovating a kitchen is a major undertaking that requires thorough planning from you and your contractor, and it can result in a wonderful upgrade for your home’s busiest room. Plan properly to ensure a solid execution of the project, and have a trusted general contractor by your side. Alair Homes Burnaby is ready to help. Contact us to discuss your dream kitchen.