30 Dec Plan For Building A New Home

In Custom Home Builder by David Babakaiff

Tis the season to plan for building a new home in 2018! Find your expert team Three experts are needed here – house designer or… Read More

20 Nov How to Keep Control of Your Budget During a Renovation

In Home Renovations by David Babakaiff

A budget will help you know and plan how much to spend during the remodeling of your house. However, many people spend more than they… Read More

20 Oct Can I Build During the Winter Time in Vancouver?

In Custom Home Builder by David Babakaiff

The leaves are turning color now in October, and the temperature is starting to drop. Soon the rains will start and even some snow and… Read More

25 Sep 10 Tips to Make Your Home Practical and Functional

In DIY Home Improvements by David Babakaiff

Sometimes storage and fashion don’t go hand in hand. However, it is possible to create a functional liveable space that also serves you and your… Read More

20 Sep Can Galvanized Steel Be Less Expensive Than Wood?

In Custom Home Builder by David Babakaiff

Light gauge steel construction has not gained common usage in residential housing mainly due to a higher cost over wood. Until now. For us in… Read More

15 Aug House Raising: How to Get the Most Money Out of Your House

In Home Renovations by David Babakaiff

Many homes built in the early 1900’s have short low head height basements, not suitable for living spaces. They were intended for storage and utility… Read More

Best Dog Parks Around Vancouver

In Local by David Babakaiff

Where do you usually take your dog(s)to play? In this months blog I want to share our favorite places to take our English Bulldog, Turbo,… Read More

14 Aug 10 Steps to Renovating Your Condo

In Home Renovations by David Babakaiff

Condos, like traditional homes, can be renovated if you feel you need a change of appearance. The difference is that you will be working around… Read More

26 Jul Finding a Quality Contractor In Vancouver

In Custom Home Builder by David Babakaiff

Finding a trustworthy general contractor or custom home builder will help you ensure that you are saving money on your next job. You will find… Read More

21 Jul 8 Places to Take the Kids Before They Grow Up

In Local by David Babakaiff

Here are my favorite places to take kids near Vancouver before they grow up. Magic Carpet Rides Magic Carpet rides in the kids camp area… Read More

20 Jun [VIDEO] Make Money with Your Home Renovation

In Home Renovations by David Babakaiff

Make money with your reno – renovation tips from Alair Homes on Vimeo.  Bernadette: “Hi everybody my name is Bernadette and here’s Veneesh from Xiva… Read More


In Custom Home Builder by David Babakaiff

The trend of the “smart home” will likely be here for quite some time. Homes that fit this qualification feature devices and appliances that are… Read More

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