When you are making the biggest investment of your life, you want to ensure you are in the hands of a someone who will handle your dreams, wishes & money with care. A custom home or major renovation is a visionary structure comprised of lifelong ideas, accents, personal touches and ultimately ways to make living better. Building this structure is a long process so it is extremely important to find someone who is patient, knowledgeable and a good listener. No, we are not talking about the finding the perfect spouse but we ARE talking about the perfect relationship.

Here’s what to look for:


Firstly, it is important that a builder provides you with a complete written contract that details the scope of work, process and milestones. Your builder should understand your budget and show you exactly where your money is going. A builder who provides you with the receipts and subtrade invoices is hard to come by, but they are out there!

Someone Who has YOUR Best Interest at Heart

It is easy to tell when someone cares. The personal interest in your project will elevate your build experience from good to unforgettable (in a good way.)

Someone with Strong Market Partnerships

A builder who has strong market partners is a good sign. If trades, designers and architects enjoy & pride themselves on working with the builder, they are likely reliable & skilled. The relationship that they have with these market partners are reflective of the relationship they will build with you, the client, so it is encouraged to reach out and ask for a reference.

An Industry Expert

It is important that your builder has the necessary education and skills to build your home. A good way to gauge this is by asking for references and viewing previous projects. A diligent builder will continue to educate themselves on building codes, new innovations & industry trends.

A Trusted Advisor

Your builder should educate you on the build process and overall flow of the construction world. They should be able to make well-informed suggestions and advice. It is good to consider how the builder communicates with you throughout the entire cycle. Because of the scope of building a home, you want to feel comfort in knowing you can communicate effectively with your builder. They should be readily available when you call, text, or email and listen attentively to your thoughts and concerns, fully understanding the details of your vision.

Finding the RIGHT builder to construct your dream home is about the perfect relationship.