22 May Creating the Perfect Guest Suite

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

It’s always nice to visit relatives and friends who have a nice, comfortable and pleasant place for you to stay. It is along these lines… Read More

07 Jan Why Hiring an Interior Designer can Save on Costs and Stress

Many people think that hiring an interior designer is a luxury that only the rich can afford. However, hiring an interior designer can help you… Read More

14 Nov The Best Materials for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

It isn’t easy choosing the best material for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. This is because there are plenty of options, and the wrong choice… Read More

30 Sep Crunching the Numbers when Renovating a Room

Home renovation projects are exciting. But before getting caught in the excitement, you should make sure your home renovation budget is in line with your… Read More

31 May How Much Does A Nanaimo Renovation Cost and How Long Does It Take?

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

You may love living in your Nanaimo home. However, if you are like many homeowners, you may have gradually realized that your home’s layout and… Read More

30 Dec Testing for Asbestos Before Starting a Home Renovation

You may already be aware that the use of asbestos in construction materials has waned dramatically. A naturally occurring mineral, asbestos exposure is linked to… Read More

27 Nov Storage Ideas for Converted Attics

Many people would love to have more space in their homes but have no idea how to create one. One of the best ways to… Read More

15 Jul Polished Concrete Floor Design Ideas

Stained polished concrete When concrete is stained, it gives you the feel of an expensive flooring, depending on the amount of staining and the staining… Read More

14 Jun Using Rare Exotic Granite in Your Nanaimo Home

The true beauty of nature sometimes gets overlooked by manufactured products that usually yield a cheaper price. One of those natural beauties that people do… Read More

18 Feb Four Reasons to Get Concrete Deck Pavers

When it comes to installing paving for your deck at your home, it is as much a functional decision as an aesthetic one. There’s a wide… Read More

Is Your House Suitable for Heated Floors?

If you’re considering installing heated floors in your residence, there are some things you need to know. First off, even if your home is in a… Read More

05 Aug Quality General Contracting Service in Nanaimo, BC

Skilled Contracting Pros in Nanaimo If you’re looking for talented and experienced general contractors located in the picturesque Nanaimo, British Columbia area, then there’s no… Read More

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