10 Apr Building a Garden Suite in Victoria

In Custom Home Builder by Kristina Matisic

Building a garden suite in Victoria can be a great way to add value to your property, provide additional living space or additional income. However,… Read More

18 Jun Signs You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom

In Bathroom Renovations by Alair Homes

Even if your bathroom seems like it’s functioning fine or even great, there might be plenty of things that would merit an update. Perhaps you’ve… Read More

22 May Luxury Vinyl Flooring (Not What You Think)

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

You can never go wrong with investing in good flooring. Your floor draws attention as soon as guests enter your custom built home. Majority of… Read More

04 Mar Wallpaper- Trends that Stick

We no longer do paint for interior decor; it is all about wallpaper in 2019. Easier than ever to apply, wallpaper is the perfect way… Read More

18 Feb Pros and Cons of a Walk-In Closet

I’m remodeling my bedroom and have room for a walk-in closet. Should I add one? Walk-in closets are popular choices for many homeowners. They provide… Read More

10 Feb Custom Home vs. Production Home: What’s the Difference?

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

When you decide that you’d prefer a new home instead of a resale, your next decision might be between a custom home or a production… Read More

08 Feb Tips for Designing a Kid’s Bedroom

Whether you are renovating the room or building a custom home, designing a room for a child is a fun experience. This is a space… Read More

18 Jan Different Window Types and Which Houses They Are Most Suitable For

When people think of windows, they think of a space that lets in light and provides ventilation. Window functionality doesn’t stop there.  There are windows… Read More

08 Jan Pet-friendly Flooring Options

Pets are a joy to live with. However, they’re tough on floors. If you’re currently building a home or renovating, here’s a list of flooring… Read More

30 Dec Phased Victoria Home Renovation – Is it Right for You?

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Buying a home is one the largest investments you can ever make. Ensuring that it fits your purpose is essential now that it’s a crucial… Read More

20 Dec 5 Things To Consider When Building A Home

Building a home can be a very daunting task for many people. Most people only look at building one home to live in for the… Read More

06 Dec Most Popular Architectural Styles in British Columbia Canada

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

When it comes to custom built homes, architectural styles are different wherever you go. It’s incredible to see how different architecture can be depending on… Read More

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