17 Apr How to choose a Contractor

Construction projects do not always go smoothly, surprises do come up and mistakes will be made. We feel that clients hire good contractors to handle the hiccups. If everything always went smoothly why would you even need to hire a Qualified Licensed Contractor? Wouldn’t you just do it yourself?

22 Mar Project Planning–How We Help You Plan the Perfect Build

Building or renovating a home can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Unfortunately, it’s common to hear about projects that have not gone well. These jobs cause the owners all types of stress and can be totally avoided with proper planning and communication. More often than not, the stress is caused by budget concerns. Either the original budget was incorrect from the start or what often happens is the level of materials quoted are not what the homeowner was envisioning. We have a very different approach.

11 Mar What You Need to Know About Energy Star Windows

If you live in an older house, we’re sure you have thought about changing your windows. What discourages many homeowners from changing their windows is the overwhelming amount of information out there regarding windows and the fact that everybody has a different opinion. We’ve found that even people that have been in the industry for years are not completely sure of the details and options. The best reason to replace your windows is to make your home more energy efficient. First, you should contact a local energy auditing company.

22 Feb A Major Home Renovation – Teardown and Rebuild

With a teardown home renovation, homeowners are able to design the house they want from the ground up. This type of project is one of our favorites because we get to help people realize their dream home, plan out all the details of how it will come together, and build something truly meaningful.

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