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A healthy, green lawn makes any custom built home stand out from the crowd. Not only does it turf take curb appeal a notch higher, but it propels property value to a whole new level. Fact is, turfgrass has tons of other benefits that make this an increasingly popular choice for landscaping. Keep reading to learn why turf is a must-have.

Quality Air

Turfgrass is a living organism that converts carbon dioxide into simple sugars in a process known as photosynthesis. Oxygen, a by-product of photosynthesis, is then released to the atmosphere. What is more, an average size, healthy lawn and golf course can capture about 300 and 1,500 pounds of carbon yearly respectively. This means that turfgrass is a sensible approach to counter greenhouse effect especially in urban areas. It’s along the same lines that grass traps dust and dirt that would otherwise be released to the atmosphere.

Prevents Erosion and Runoffs

Turfgrass reduces both runoff and erosion. A soccer field of average size can absorb about 50,000 gallons of water preventing water runoff. What’s more, turf has a fibrous root system that helps in soil stabilization hence keeping soil erosion at bay – this plays a major role in preventing depositing of sediments into rivers.

Storm Water Management

Turfgrass reduces leaching pollutants that sometimes end up in water supply channels. The good news is that turf filters the excess storm water making it clean before reaching any nearby water bodies. Turfgrass also redirects water flow, allowing more water get absorbed into the soil. This is essential when it comes to prevention of floods and soil erosion. You might be surprised to learn that heavy and well maintained turf can absorb rain water effectively six times more compared to a wheat field.

Community Appeal

Turfgrass increases the community appeal hence increasing the region’s property value. A custom built home with a lawn will definitely come with a higher price tag compared to one without. This is sweet news to the ears should you opt to sell down the line. With all its benefits, turfgrass also doubles up as a way to easily boost curb appeal. Green spaces are known to keep communities closely knit through activities such as sports and barbeques, and this goes a long way in enhancing security in any given neighbourhood. Truth be told, living in such a community will help improve the quality of life, right?

Heat Dissipation

Turfgrass reduces environmental heating. A well maintained turfgrass during the summer can be at least 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and bare soil. The cooling effect of turfgrass actually gives air conditioning a run for its money by reducing the electrical needs in your custom built home. Thanks to this heat dissipating ability, turf offers perfect ground for workout activities.

Reduces Stress

According to research, turfgrass and horticulture on lawns and sports fields can help keep stress at bay. Turfgrass offers a positive and therapeutic effect. Also, turfgrass lowers blood pressure and relieves muscle tension that is stress related. This is achieved by wiping out all negative energy. A rich lawn of turfgrass is sure to be a welcome sight to come home to. The low maintenance in exchange for fresh air explains why turf in hospital is popular. This simple addition is actually known to help patients recover much faster.

exterior of with custom home with turfgrass front lawn

It’s true! Turfgrass comes with a lot of benefits. Why not try it out today?