15 Mar 4 Renovations That Increase the Value of Your Home

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

There are horror stories of homeowners who spent thousands of dollars on renovations, only to find that their home turned into a white elephant. In… Read More

02 Mar Wallpaper- Trends that Stick

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Scouting for the ideal wallpaper calls for the comparison of many patterns and colors. What is more, wallpapers differ in texture and durability. The overall… Read More

11 Feb A Few Simple Touches to Make a House a Home

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A house isn’t a home unless you actively work to make it one. Otherwise, it’s just a structure providing shelter rather than your sanctuary; a… Read More

10 Jan What You Need to Know About Budgeting for a Renovation

Home renovations can be very hectic for any homeowner as they are not only costly but can require a lot of time. In short, a… Read More

30 Dec Phased Rosedale Home Renovation – Is it Right for You?

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Home renovation can cost up to $18, 000 for a thousand square feet of property, but there are more ways than one to remodel a… Read More

16 Nov Understanding the Limitations of Home Renovations

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

It’s so easy to get carried away when you’re considering a home renovation. It is sometimes difficult to curb your imagination to the fact that… Read More

31 Oct Major Home Renovation Dos and Don’ts

In Home Renovations, Uncategorized by Alair Homes

Renovating a home is an exciting process. However, it can also be full of frustrations. Costs that escalate or fall out of your range of… Read More

30 Sep Designing the Homework Space in Your Custom Home

Designating room for homework in your new custom home sets aside space that can be used for studying. It’s much easier before construction starts and… Read More

28 Dec Renovation Side Effects and Advice to Counter Them

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Many homeowners who want to update their property and modernize it are often excited to begin the renovation process. Renovating a home can take plenty… Read More

28 Nov How to Begin Planning for a Renovation

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It’s always exciting considering home renovations since you can’t wait to make your home look as lovely as possible. On the other hand, there are… Read More

17 Aug 10 Steps to Renovating Your Condo

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Your home should feel cozy and inviting with the design of the interior setting. It’s important to update your property to boost its value and… Read More

20 Nov 10 Things to Ask Your Contractor Before You Start Your Project

Before you start a custom home building or remodeling project it is important that you have all the information you need about your general contractor…. Read More

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