A house isn’t a home unless you actively work to make it one. Otherwise, it’s just a structure providing shelter rather than your sanctuary; a place where you feel safe, secure and comfortable. Whether you have just moved into a new house or are simply realizing that now is the time to make some changes, so many opportunities await.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading to learn about some simple tips that can help make your house a home.

Walls and Floors

When you first move into a home, the walls are often bland and lacking detail. A fresh coat of paint can really spruce them up, but how do you add more visual interest and make your house your own? Artwork offers a simple and cost effective solution. Pictures of the family or favorite vacation spots and wall paintings draw the eye in and give you visual reminders of things that are important in your life. Get creative with black and white photos perfectly arranged above the couch, or add a large, colorful painting above the dining room table. Keep the rooms interesting but use caution so that your walls aren’t too busy.

For the floors, area rugs help protect your hardwood floors while also bringing color or geometric designs into your room. If you have plenty of open spaces, area rugs are a good idea as they can instantly add a touch of warmth to a room. One large area rug can help make a room look and feel larger. Area rugs can also create the illusion of division between rooms which is great for an open floorplan home.

Area Rug in a Renovated Living Room

Cozy Nooks

A home is your sanctuary where you get to relax and indulge in all your little hobbies, so, cozy and welcoming spaces are a must. Do you like to read? Then add cozy nooks in rooms that have good natural light. With your books in easy reach, the window providing you with a good view and a nice mug of hot cocoa, you can enjoy a great book anytime of year, even on the coldest winter afternoons.  Other ideas for cozy nooks might include adding a sketching table or a sewing table tastefully into a room where you do your best work.

A Room Just for You

Not content with a tiny little nook for yourself? How about you indulge in turning a whole room into something just for you or someone you love? An indoor library is always a good option. If you have teens or a man who enjoys entertaining on game day, transform the basement into a rec-room, equipping it with Lay Z Boy chairs and a TV or cinema worthy projector screen.

Basement Renovation

Thoughtful Home Additions

If you’re not keen about getting your whole room changed, consider tasteful yet smaller additions. A  walk-in closet in your master bedroom or a guest suite offer extra space and organization. A Jacuzzi tub can make your bathroom feel like a spa-quality oasis. In the kitchen, high-end appliances might just entice you to cook at home a little more often or bake those cookies on Sunday afternoons. Even if your renovation plans or additions aren’t on a grand scale, thoughtful changes really can improve your love for your home and quality of life.


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