Home renovation can cost up to $18, 000 for a thousand square feet of property, but there are more ways than one to remodel a house. Phased renovation lets you manage your project one room or type of renovation at a time. This way, you can choose the interiors of your dreams without budgeting away your favorite decor options. Quality features usually carry the highest return on investment, so it’s well worthwhile to stretch out your project. Phased home renovation also lets you stay in your home while you work on it. You don’t need to gut the entire property at once, and if you’re working on a staircase, your family can accommodate the reduced access more easily.

Rosedale Kitchen and Entryway Phased Renovation

Of course, no strategy is perfect for every homeowner. If you work from home and are distracted by the comings and goings of workers, a phased approach might extend your discomfort rather than alleviate it. This can be partially avoided by taking frequent breaks between each phase. Some homeowners take a full year’s break between each project, an ideal solution if you’re not preparing for immediate resale.

Family Ties

Young children can stymie a phased approach no matter how well you plan it. Construction areas can be extremely hazardous, and it can be challenging to manage them when they’re a constant part of your life. Contracts can be planned outside of vacation times, and contractors can be instructed never to move hazards when children are away from school, but it’s best to ask your home renovation team which dangers your unique situation will expose you to. There may be strategies you can put in place to make sure the renovation is safe and manageable.

Medical Considerations

Families with allergies or lung disease tend to fare better with a more traditional approach to renovation. Exposure to dust, fumes, and debris needs to be limited in such cases. If you’re noise-sensitive, the same applies. In the same way, building codes and local regulations may not suit an extended renovation period. Any deficiencies will need to be taken to authorities and neighborhood groups. Some renovations will require permits, and breaking codes can become a costly endeavor.

Phrased renovation works for easy-going homeowners or those who might better naturally adapt to the tenuous process. If you’re a natural problem solver, you may be able to work with your team to create a strategy that fits your lifestyle like a bespoke suit.

Adjusting to phased home renovation demands excellent communication between all parties involved. Getting all contractors and decision-makers together in the same room to identify priorities and milestones will give you all the information you need to adjust your lifestyle around a large project.