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The London Plan is the spatial development procedure mandated by 1999’s Greater London Authority Act. Written by the Mayor of London, the plan establishes the strategies for dealing with all of the essential environmental, economic, social, and transportation aspects of London. At the approval of the London Plan, all of London’s public works and by-laws will be required to conform with the policies therein.

What’s Happening Now

The newest version of the plan has been developed based on a two year conversation with the citizens of London. Named ReThink London, the plan will guide the evolution of London over the next two decades. The newest plan is guided by a number of clear values held by the citizens of London. These values include accountability, collaboration, leadership, inclusiveness, innovation, and sustainability. The second draft, which is the newest version of the plan, focuses on a single vision, which is described as “London 2035: Exciting, Exceptional,Connected.”

The new London Plan is laid out in a series of eight “Directions,” each with a specific set of criteria.

Direction One

Direction One focuses on the prosperity of the city. This section addresses ensuring sufficient areas of employment, revitalizing urban neighborhoods and business areas, creating a strong civic image, protecting London’s agricultural land, and all matters related to the city’s well-being and financial stability of its citizens.

Direction Two

Direction Two is aimed at increasing transportation access and connecting London to its surrounding areas. This includes the development of a high speed interconnected rail system and more collaboration with regional partners to cultivate eco-tourism.

Direction Three

Direction Three looks at the cultural diversity and creativity of London. This includes investing and promoting public art, working to engage new immigrant populations, and adding inclusive public programs and facilities that appeal to diverse populations.

Direction Four

Direction Four is all about the environment and London’s plan to become one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Canada. This will be done by utilizing an ecosystems approach in all planning, working to reduce the city’s carbon footprint, and implementing green infrastructure strategies.

Direction Five

Direction Five is about building a mixed-use compact city. This means making London more of its own self-sustained system by developing improved and increased pedestrian walkways and mixing businesses and living spaces in a way that will make walking more convenient and attractive to pedestrians.

Directions Six and Seven

Direction Six and Seven are related to making London stronger, more viable, and more attractive. Direction six is based on making the city’s transportation choices more attractive and useful by strengthening highway connections and increasing accessibility. Direction seven focuses more on improving the aesthetic of neighborhoods in the area, while also improving access to educational, social, cultural, and recreational facilities for all neighborhoods.

Direction Eight

Finally, Direction Eight goes back to making sure all of the decisions made are wise and effective. This will be done by collaborating with all parties and continuing to evaluate the plan’s progress over time.