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My Dundas is a community discussion conducted by London with the creative goal of transforming Dundas Street (between Downtown and the Forks of the Thames River) into “Dundas Place”, which is expected to become the unique destination and most entertaining place in London. It will provide an exceptional public space that is well-equipped to host outstanding events for all who work, live, and play in that area of London as well as for visitors.

London’s Downtown Plan: Our Move Forward (2015)

This plan is to help the Downtown flourish. The implementation tools will assist businesses, citizens, and the city staff to create a Downtown that is enjoyable for all residents and visitors. Dundas Place will become the first project that will transform Dundas Street into a flexible street and linear public space. A unifying surface will extend from building to building to enable the space in between to easily transition into the presentation of various functions at numerous times of the year.

What is a Flexible Street?

A flexible street is the entire street right-of-way shared by pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists. Combining uses, instead of segregating them to certain parts, gives more flexibility in the way pedestrians and motorists share the space and how it is programmed. Sometimes motorists will have a higher usage, and sometimes these spaces will function as pedestrian spaces. The latter is when festival, retail, and other occasional programmed activities need to occupy the space of what will then become piazzas or civic plazas.

The Scoping Study

The Dundas Street Scoping Study is a rationale for investing, propose preliminary designs and options, undertake a review and provide recommendations, propose implementation strategies, and prepare a preliminary budget.

What is the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (EA Act)?

This Act is a decision making tool used to assess how a proposed infrastructure project will affect the natural and man-made environment, as well as cultural and economic conditions. It assesses potential negative environmental impacts and identifies opportunities to make changes to reduce negative affects and avoid controversial actions. Municipalities are required to complete an EA when undertaking capital projects.

Get Involved

The EA process requires public involvement, and feedback received is considered in the decision making process. Information and required public comments are being gathered to assist the City of London in meeting the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act and the My Dundas analysis. You can share your opinions and thoughts through social media, surveys, events, workshops, pictures, and other tools.

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