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We have just entered the new year and you might want to do some home remodeling as part of your new year’s goals. Many people think the best home design trends involves disruptive projects, a lot of activity and noise, and a high price tag – nothing could be farther from the truth. Sometimes making small changes in what you already have can do the trick. Are you interested in knowing what home design trends are expected to grace 2019? Read on!

Though insight from major home design television shows and magazines can help predict the top home designs to expect, you really can’t rely on them 100%. The best place to check is the market trend. Check on what many people are going for and what different home designers have to offer. If a home designer is doing well, then what they are offering must be a favorite with many people. Check out the following list of home design trends to expect in 2019.

Warmer Tones

Over the years, cool gray tones have dominated many homes. But if the last few years are anything to go by, the trend has changed as warmer hues have found their way into many homes. In 2018, warmer grays and full-on beige tones were evident in many dwellings. Leather colored in caramel or butterscotch could be seen everywhere, like in the sofas, ottomons, and chairs. The number of users are expected to raise in 2019, and the manufacturers are ready to increase their supply to meet the demand. Don’t get surprised when you find nice little details like more polish being added to enhance the warm tones.

bathroom with mixed brown stone tile textured stone black wall and jacuzzi tub

Green Velvet

Who does not love velvet? This soft fabric warms even the coldest of hearts. In recent years, velvet has been improved to make it sturdy and as a result, it does not only look great when used in the interior decor, but it lasts long and gets easy to take care of and manage. It has not won the adults’ heart only, but children have a soft spot for velvet as well. In 2018, green velvet furniture and especially chairs rocked the market and was present in many homes. The demand for green velvet decors is expected to skyrocket this year.

Rattan and Cane

Indeed old is gold; rattan and cane are back! Furniture made from cane and rattan were common many years ago in lake houses or our grandparent’s sunrooms. But in recent years, they’ve gotten improved to fit the 21st century, and are lovely. As a result, many homeowners doing home remodeling are incorporating them into their homes.

The rattan and cane furniture today comes better and refined. Besides, you get reminded of the 19th century or the French Deco. In 2018, their stunning look made them popular with many homeowners. The popularity is still increasing, and their demand in 2019 will go a notch higher. Expect to see more and improved rattan and cane furniture.


Truth be told, mixing metals has never gone out of style. Initially, the metal preferred was silver, which was overtaken by gold. Currently, people are madly in love with warmer silver tones such as polished nickel and pewter. But for light fixtures, gold is trending.

Warm silver gets preferred on finishes of many things like credenzas cases. In 2018, these metals were a priority during home remodeling and featured in various furniture and designs in many homes. In 2019, the demand is expected to go higher, and you should look forward to finding metals in many home designs.

Curvy Silhouettes

In recent years, people have come to love the combination of modern decor with those found in the midcentury. As a result, curvy silhouettes gets seen on chairs, sofas, and other furnishings. In 2018, these curvy silhouettes found their way in many homes, and their demand is still high. In 2019, they’re expected to enter on the list of the top home design trends.


It’s a no-brainer; every year comes with improved and new home design trends. The year 2019 is no exception. If you are anxious to know what might trend during home remodeling this year, the above list will come in handy.