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There are different factors that play a role in hiring a contractor or deciding to go with a DIY home project. Your skills, necessary tools, cost and aesthetics all come into play. Deciding whether or not to use a contractor before you get started is usually better than starting yourself only to find that you can’t finish the job.

Here are several custom home renovations that may require a contractor.

Structural Components

There are structural components that are very important to the stability and safety of your home, and this includes footers, headers and beams. Home additions, knocking down walls to expand the kitchen or adding a second bathroom all often require structural work. It may be tempting to take these project on yourself, but one mistake is often costly and dangerous. A professional has the skills and tools to handle this important job.

Electrical Work

If you are not skilled in electric work, you should leave this job to a professional especially for larger jobs like a complete kitchen renovation or basement remodel. It is easy to create a safety hazard when you do not have experience with wiring. A professional knows how to work with the wiring, circuits and panels in your home.


You may have the skills and tools to work on your roof, but you may not be able to finish the job before the next rainfall. It is easier and safer to hire a professional roofer for this area.

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You can take care of tasks such as a clogged drain line, but you need to make sure you have the time and tools for the project. If your goals include a large scale bathroom renovation, definitely avoid going it alone. You can save time by hiring a professional who has the right skills and equipment for the job.


There is a chance you have the skills for a carpentry project, but you are also trying to meet a deadline for your project. Your timeline includes the setup and cleanup of this area. A professional carpenter can deliver quality work without missing your deadline.


A masonry project requires scaling materials such as stone and brick, and you need to fit them into place without creating an eyesore. A professional has years of experience working with the different materials, so it may be worth the time and money to hire them for the job.


There are certain insulation projects that require a professional, and this includes working with fiberglass or spray foam. You do not want the heat and moisture from a poor job to damage your walls. A professional can also often get you a deal on different materials. The cost savings could be significant, especially for a larger job.


Laying your tile is not as easy as it seems on home design shows. You need to prepare and lay the pattern a certain way for each tile. Grouting also takes time and patience. If you are not experienced in laying tile, it may be easier to hire a professional for the job.


There is a lot of work that goes into a good paint job. A painter can take care of the preparation, repair, scraping, priming or caulking. This can help ensure the paint job lasts for years.


You may not be able to fix your wallpaper if it does not look good the first time, and the stress of messing up your wallpaper could impact the job. You can reduce the stress by leaving this job to a professional.

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